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Thanks Chekisteg! The fourth (and final) level is making steady progress.

Blob Keep

Thanks CryptRat. It'll be fixed.

Thanks Chekisteg. Players/enemies/etc. all move on tile intersections. It's effectively the same just shifted half a tile so there's a slight margin away from the walls.

I hope you return for the post gamejam release because there are many more (bigger and meaner) blobs to slay!

@VSI Studio

OpenAL must be installed on your system in order to play the gamejam release,
this is specified in the README file contained in the distribution and on the
games web page under Install Instructions:

A version of this file might be included in future releases. Apologies for
this inconvenience.

@ Mana
I'm sorry to hear that it didn't go so well for you. I've made several changes that should make the game seem less relentless.
I've also added two new levels and a few other surprises so I hope you stop back for the post gamejam release and give it another shot.

I increased the movement speed and made things a little bit easier. Leveling up
is much faster, I hope not too fast. Also, when you die and respawn you'll keep
any experience gained.

I also added the first level of the keep. There are two more levels planned.

I'll upload a new release after the gamejam has finished.

Thanks for all the feedback. I wasn't able to finish in time and there is still a
great deal of work that needs to be done.

@ DamienDe: The speed gets faster as you level up, but I think you are correct,
it does seem very slow at first.  It might not have been a great idea to limit
the movement speed. I will make improvements.

The game must have first-person exploration at all times. (See the above GIF). Exceptions are point to point overworld map movement (fast travel), combat screens or town screens.

Are minigames (in general) or minigames that don't use first-person perspective within the guidelines?

I don't get the impression that they are but I just want to double check. Thanks