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Beautiful game, I really enjoyed playing this! Art looks clean and game is very well presented :) Would be nice if I knew which drinks I failed to make properly though since I only got a score of 7/10. Nice work overall!

Great game with very well done presentation! Definitely can feel frustrating though when there's just one pixel left that can't be painted in no matter how hard you try clicking on it.

I had a wonderful time playing your game, it was very relaxing. Loved the music and the simplicity of the art style. Everything worked really well together, the font, the colours. Nice work! 

Simple but cute! I had fun playing the game :)

Loved how the game looks! It feels very well made and was very fun to play. Awesome job!

Really interesting concept! I liked the sprites you made and the game looks great. Well done :)

The concept of the game is simple but so satisfying when you hit a crab! Sometimes the crabs despawn really quick though but awesome game overall :)

I thought the game was really charming and super relaxing to play. Nice art and music! Awesome job :)

Nice work! Really cute game and music :) I found a bug though where you could click on a crab rapidly and the score counter would go up (so effectively you get 5 scores per crab!). Overall enjoyed the game!

Cute and simple game, had fun playing it but thought that waiting for the rounds were a bit slow. Nice work overall though!

I liked the art and idea of the game, but the controls felt a bit random and not intuitive. Overall, it was cute though :)

Amazing game, loved the art style and gameplay! Had a lot of fun playing and the game feels really polished :) I also liked that it wasn't too punishing if you lost a level. Great work!

I had fun playing the game. I wasn't really good without a mouse though! Nice work :)

The game is pretty cute! Could have a few more obstacles/challenges but nice job :)

Nice work, loved the relaxing feel of the game! Wish that you could cast each fisherman to a different tile though because it doesn't look like there's any advantage to having multiple fishermen right now.

Very cute and minimalistic. Liked the art and colour palette, wish it had some sound though!

Pretty cute concept, nice art and music!

Simple and really fun to play, I liked the upgrades you can get when you level up! Can be quite challenging, took me a few tries to realise that the rocks break when you dash through them. Nice game overall :)

Really fun gameplay and loved the art style :)

The only thing I'd like to know is if Jacob ever gets to have his fish and chips!

Lovely game and art, so cute! Had fun playing this, would be nice to have some sound added in :)

Great art style and music. The gameplay was fun, except I tied with the computer 4/5 times so not sure if I was just especially lucky!

Very cute art and simple gameplay. Nice work :)

Funny and creative concept :)

You can use it whenever you want :) 

I would like to further improve it by adding grid-based slicing and also the ability to select/export multiple at a time in the future.

Wow that's brilliant! Really love your art and your dedication, keep it up :)

I had the same issue, so I made this tool:

It doesn't always get the sprites right, and it only exports them one at a time right now (you have to select which one you want to cut out), but it's better than manually drawing a box and copy-pasting them in photoshop.

Hope it helps you!

Thanks so much for the feedback :) Really glad you enjoyed the game!

I really like your idea of time/days passing and think I will try to implement that in the next update. 

I feel terrible, but reading your comment about how it feels like you're pouring boiling water onto the poor animals made me laugh out loud hahahah. I really should change that!

Very simple but brilliant game! Well done, I really enjoyed this (once I understood how to get the balloon off the ground) :) Love the simplistic art style too.

Nice work! I quite enjoyed the game, and thought it was really cute. Nice touch with adding the bathtub and toilet too :)

Nice work! Love the art and the environment you've built for the blacksmith :) It was a bit confusing at first though and I didn't know what part of the environment could be interacted with. Maybe adding an interaction bubble when you're near the materials shelf for example would help?

I really enjoyed working for Big Eddy! Nice job on the dialogue writing :) As others have said, it would be nice if it was a bit more challenging. I also noticed that if you play the game again after you've completed it, the money doesn't get reset so you can potentially rip millions off of Big Eddy!

Hahahha glad you enjoyed the game! I agree with the feedback about the kettle, I'm going to try tuning that a bit more and handling the dragging/clicking better :) Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

Very interesting game! I think a nice addition would be SFX when cooking the dishes (eg. sizzling sound for the steak and stir fry). Also I'm not sure why the heat tries to turn itself off after a while, I may be super terrible at cooking and getting the heat right though (I get F for heat for every dish)! 

Definitely going to add the kettle on/off indicator! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I've noted down your feedback with the performance, I'm not too sure what might be causing it because I'm not instantiating the kettles or customers constantly. Definitely will look into it :)  

Thanks for the suggestion, really appreciate it!

I wanted the game to not be punishing to players and just be chill, but I agree that it could get repetitive. I think the game over state when too many gets served the wrong temperature will be a nice addition and won't compromise the relaxing vibe of the game too much!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I agree with your point, I need to find a way to handle that initial difference between a click and a drag for sure.