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Really cool game! Liked it so much!

T#ank$ : )

тнanкs :)

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Hmm... Doesn't anybody see the dialog between Merio and Loigi in the start of the game? When I added it I saw it every time I launched the game, but after publishing I can't see it on my phone using Firefokes...

Ahhah it shouldn't take a long time :)

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Sorry, looks like the problem is what I forgot to include some python files as they're al in my PATH variable(

Should be fixed now!

The feeling when you don't understand neither words nor meanings))))

What can be more fun then exploding the whole friend's island?

You seem to be on a floating island and you need to prepare for night - time when some dangerous monsters fly around.

The main game featurues are:

  • You can do moonwalk
  • You can watch sunset
  • You can dig and place blocks
  • You can craft and smelt
  • You can fight monsters and prevent them from stealing your items
  • You can make fun with dynamites)
  • You can eat apples, but not too much!
  • You can explode or shoot or base-rape your friend using split-screen

To the game page!!! To the game page!!! To the game page!!!

To the game page!!! To the game page!!! To the game page!!!

Very nice I liked that cute pixel art and interesting gameplay :)

There you can send your feedback to me :)

World O' Box community · Created a new topic News

There will be announcements and update news

Why does waffle scanning is so cool? And the main question is why do we scan waffles?

Simulator of my childhood)))


Coz they're secret! Try searching in third Prairie (between two trees lol) and right from the sixth or seventh step of The Endless Ladder!

Great work! Like that much!

Oh no! don't wanna end up in jail(

Great! Loved some funny moments))) Not so funny in hell(

Time to make the second part!

That was the house)))

Really impressing!

The game has its own idea, something that author wanted to tell us. That's great, I think.

Kind of funny game. Liked it)))

First time I played I've somehow cracked the game and became invisible for ghosts lol

I wonder how did you make it. Did you really create different room for all the situations? Amazing.


Play a Game.exe community · Created a new topic Issues

Known issues:

 - pause menu do not pause the game

There is a bug! Sometimes player swims on raft.