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A member registered Jan 14, 2017

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!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M IN MY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS GAME! Holy crap, this is (hands down) one of the BEST visual novel games I've played. Wonderfully written, beautifully paced, the art-style is excellent, the MUSIC was stellar -- gah, there's no end to the amount of fantastic things I have to say about this! Huge thanks to everyone involved for making something so great. I also have to say that the characterization was SO GOOOOD. I just really, really enjoyed this.

Aaaah! This visual novel absolutely sucked me in, and now I'm eagerly awaiting the final game (HOW are we going to make it to December??? T____T). What I really appreciate about this story is allowing us to customize our MC (I love this so much), the love interests are actually interesting, and the decisions about how to run the kingdom and what skills to develop are really intriguing. All I can say is I hope the final game comes out earlier than expected, and when it does, I'm literally happy to pay whatever's necessary to get this awesome game! Thanks for putting time into it, and allowing us to create a character we care about.

I just have to say -- I'm BROKEN. I'm SOBBING. This was sO. FUCKING. GOOD. I found myself utterly immersed within the world you created; it felt so vast, and the journey sucked me in at every turn. Every moment Ran and MC hit trouble, I was on the ropes, wondering -- OMG, how are they going to get out of this?!

The story was excellent and compelling, with amazing twists and turns at every plot point; I LOVED the music you used throughout the game (such a nice variety of pieces); the multiple points for romance throughout the story (and being able decide when and where you wanted to be with Ran) was such a great touch; BROWN CHARACTERS. BROWN CHARACTERS AND A FANTASY SETTING TACKLING REAL ISSUES AND NOT GLOSSING OVER THE HORROR OF IT -- BEAUTIFUL. MAGNIFICENT. I'M HERE FOR IT. I NEED BROWN CHARACTERS AND FANTASY LIKE I NEED A I R, so thank you for delivering creating a diverse cast for players to lose themselves within!

I'M...IN...SHAMBLES. Thank you for such a WONDERFUL game. Like legit, I need to get an alert system going so that I know when the other routes open up, but idk how anything could top Ran's amazing story and sweet ending.