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Holy shit, this was SO good. Where do I even start?!

1. AMAZING character creator. Yall -- being able to create characters with a diverse range of skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors was a DREAM COME TRUE. I never get to play VNs with this level of detail, and it made all the difference for my playthroughs T___T

2. Really fantastic worldbuilding! I'm a huge fantasy fan, so it was easy to get lost in this world. The world felt large and vast, with a diverse range of races, species, threats, and mysteries. 

3. CHOICES MATTER! Whoooo. This story took twists and turns I never expected, which has made replaying all the more enjoyable! Also, the creator ain't lying -- there are a lot of ways to die in this game, some of which I knew to steer clear of from context, but others I totally stumbled into. Also, I keep discovering new routes I never anticipated, or new areas of the world I hadn't gotten to explore before, or entirely new sets of side characters I never met the first time around. I can FULLY say I intend to play every single route. 

4. Swoon-worthy romances. Each LI is enticing in their own way, and has a lot of depth to them. So far, I've only completed Lacey's (my fave, perhaps because of the thematic way MC begins and ends the tale with him), and Ernol (who is HAWT and intense, but also awkward but adorkable, and did I mention intense, but in the best possible way???). IDK fam, I can see myself enjoying all the other routes and absolutely getting lost in replaying this game for the LIs over and over again. *heart eyes*

5. Meaningful choices, which is especially powerful given heavy themes in the story. I keep thinking back to a moment in the story where Ernol does something intense, bordering on frightening, and my MC actually got to *bring it up* with him -- I'd seen him do the same thing while I was romancing a different LI, so it was SO amazing to see how context and LI routes change when you're on them; it really feels like you're getting unique content all around.

6. A system of fucking character traits that actually matter + an inventory system (that MATTERS, depending on the situation you get your MC into!!) + OUTFITSSSSSSS. *screeches* Being able to collect and change the outfits and eye makeup of my MC at will was fucking AMAZING, and I'm pretty fucking sure how you wear it affects some of the LI routes? The fact that they all comment on the clothing depending on what you choose, just ;LDAKJF;ALDSKJ. The depths of this game. THE DEPTHS.

I'm already too wordy, but basically play this game, and PAY for this game if you can. Goddamn, it's great, and I can't wait to see what else this creator puts out!