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I just have to say -- I'm BROKEN. I'm SOBBING. This was sO. FUCKING. GOOD. I found myself utterly immersed within the world you created; it felt so vast, and the journey sucked me in at every turn. Every moment Ran and MC hit trouble, I was on the ropes, wondering -- OMG, how are they going to get out of this?!

The story was excellent and compelling, with amazing twists and turns at every plot point; I LOVED the music you used throughout the game (such a nice variety of pieces); the multiple points for romance throughout the story (and being able decide when and where you wanted to be with Ran) was such a great touch; BROWN CHARACTERS. BROWN CHARACTERS AND A FANTASY SETTING TACKLING REAL ISSUES AND NOT GLOSSING OVER THE HORROR OF IT -- BEAUTIFUL. MAGNIFICENT. I'M HERE FOR IT. I NEED BROWN CHARACTERS AND FANTASY LIKE I NEED A I R, so thank you for delivering creating a diverse cast for players to lose themselves within!

I'M...IN...SHAMBLES. Thank you for such a WONDERFUL game. Like legit, I need to get an alert system going so that I know when the other routes open up, but idk how anything could top Ran's amazing story and sweet ending.

Oh, wow, thank you! It's the most I could ask for, as a writer, that the story could touch you like that.