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super fun game amazing job

really cool and fun game i love the story and the gameplay is realy fu

cool game but the movement it kinda hard to control and and jump dont feel so responsive

Thank u for the review

Thank you very much for your honest review. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the game overall and were able to finish it in the end.

I love this game it so mutch fannnnn

Thank u so much for playing the game and for your feedback.
I agree with u that the buttons and the tasks icons look really similar.

Cool game, grate job

nice game but it was littel too hard for me

I love the game concept and art of the game but level design its little hard to understand at first

I love the concept and the art great idea

This is super cool and fun game impressive job

The game loop feel so mutch better now greate job

it wasn't frustrating and I really enjoyed your game. It just took me long time to understand what happened

I really glad to hear this thank u so mutch

Thank u so much for playing the game. I am glad u enjoyed it and everything was clear

yes thats what i meant, programing its really hard and u always can get better so u are on the right track

I'm not sure how to play this game

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I really love the art of the game but the game wasn't so clear to me

Super cool game i really enjoy the game but it was unclean what i sould do

What is the goal of the game? i'm not sure about it

Cool game really enjoy plaing it but too hard for me

super fun game, the controls feel super good but it was too hard for my poor platfomer skils

I love the concept of the game and the art but it was super hard for me controlling the dog

The game looks really fun and I love the control and the menu but I don't think the scrolling in the level it's not a good fit for the controllers. The player can move left and right and not up and down like Flappy Bird so i think maybe u can change it or make the control be up and down and not left and right and it will wark great

I love the art style of the retro 3D, the game is really fun but in wider screen if i use a fullscreen mode the mouse is too sensitive for me

I really enjoy the game, grate job

I really enjoy the game idea 

Super fun game, great job

Super cool game, nice concept and this super cool u created 3D game

This is really nice game, cool concept

Really nice game

Super fun game, amazing job

This is so a beautiful game and a super fun one, AMAZING job. After I finish the first level the level start again?

This is really nice platformer but I think the collider for the killing smiles was bigger than the sprite it self so it was a really hard game for me, but I'm really bad at platforming too.

I'm not sure how to play the game, I understood how to move but nothing else I tried work

really beautiful and game amazing job.
I just had a problem with the transition between a place like a house or if I try to move between stages and I grab a few leaves with me...