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YESSSSS!!!!! Finally~

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Such a short yet sweet game.The storytelling was very simple and got the message across.I loved the game mechanics.They were something I had never seen before.As for the ending it broke my heart. :(

Omg!This is so cute!I am going to play it right now.

Such a cute game!It gave me so many warm feelings.I love it! :)

This seriously must be one of the most odd and interesting visual novels I have ever read.Seriously,we need more works like these on and everywhere else.I am quite surprised and disappointed that there are not so many reviews here.Such effort should not go unnoticed.The amount of work placed here is astounding and the notes are very helpful for understanding the story and the age it was written better.This visual novel due to the amount of research could easily help students through their introduction to Gothic literature and the age of Enlightenment.The art is very good(especially the backgrounds look fantastic) and the choice in music is excellent because it matches the emotions that each scene tries to deliver.Furthermore,the story was retold in a way that makes a successful use of the ren'py engine and makes it  an interesting  read for the modern crowd.For some months,I have been interested on Le Fanu's Carmilla  but I had not the chance to sit down and read it because of studies.Thank you for making this wonderful visual novel for I had the chance to not miss out on such an interesting story.I cannot wait to see more of your works,if you continue to make more,because they are very unique. 

It's true I am one of that 10% that cannot shut up about Butterfly Soup.It's impossible for me to stop talking about it because I love it so much! >.<

Great interview,Brianna! <3<3<3

Soooo cute!The barista is such a sweet heart.Great work! :)

Such a cute game!The story is very  good and well thought out.I adore the fairytale theme and the unique atmosphere of the game.The aesthetics as well as the art are very nice and relaxing to look at.The ending really suprised me and succeeds at delivering a strong message about friendship and acceptance.The puzzles were entertaining,not that difficult to solve and matched well with the atmosphere of the game.The use of helpers is something I never had experienced before in the games I have played and I was really happy to consult them at times.Also,I liked the gameplay alot,it is something completely different at least to me.You absolutely have my vote and I hope you make more gems like these in the future! :D

I had so much fun playing this game!I liked the fact that it was both funny and weird.The artwork used for the boys is beautiful.The only bad thing about the game is that it is too short.By the way,I hope Lucien is alright. 

I love this game so much!The soundtrack is amazing and fits perfectly with each scene.Mell and Issa are both very interesting characters and I love that they have their strengths and flaws,but together they make a great couple and a great team.I adore the dark,mysterious atmosphere and the horror elements of the game as well as the funny moments that were in it.The story is something I have never seen before and I like that.The art is very good and matches perfectly with the feeling of the game.Also,the dialogue is very well-written.Great work!

I love this game so much.Thank you for making this!

I must say that this game is one of best things that has ever happened to me.Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making this wonderful game!I am very glad that I have found this game as I have yet to discover who I really am,even though I am 19...I find myself struggling lately like the girls in the story.Now to the review,the protagonists are so relatable it is scary;I have never expected to see so much of myself on  each one of them,especially Noelle and Diya.The secondary characters(my favourite secondary character is Ju-Seo) were relatable and likeable,too.The dialogue is so cute,so funny and brings me back to my high school days.The story is very well-written and I like that the game touches upon serious subjects like: gender,school,parenthood,abuse,sexism,racism,society and sexuality.The music choices are perfect for each scene(when the titanic flute fail music started playing over in the scenes where Min-Seo and Akarsha did skateboard or that other time when they became friends,I literally couldn't stop laughing and now that I am writing this review I giggle.Furthermore,the artwork is very beautiful and pleasant to look at.Most importantly though what really stood out to me was the overall message of the game;That you should be yourself and that you should not be afraid for who you are.This optimistic message is what made me adore this game.Once more,thank you alot for this game.I wish you the very best in your life.  :)

From all the visual novels,I have played my most favorite is "Cupid".The story,the characters and the atmosphere are amazing!I have unlocked all the endings when I first played it on Steam.

Such a cute game!I love this series sooooo much!The ending really got me!I cannot wait for the next game of the series! <3 <3 <3

Trick is bae!<3

I loved this Visual Novel.Even if I am not into the "Visual Novel" genre(I have played only 3),this particular novel caught my attention.The drawings are beautiful and the color palette that was used helped to build the atmosphere to each of the game's scenes.Also,the music succeeds in matching and expressing the emotions of the current scene.Furthermore,the plot had no "holes" in it and progressed neatly;I must admit though that the twist shocked me,even though I saw the signs.Last but not least,the writing was excellent;the characters were flawed and likeable at the same time.