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This seriously must be one of the most odd and interesting visual novels I have ever read.Seriously,we need more works like these on and everywhere else.I am quite surprised and disappointed that there are not so many reviews here.Such effort should not go unnoticed.The amount of work placed here is astounding and the notes are very helpful for understanding the story and the age it was written better.This visual novel due to the amount of research could easily help students through their introduction to Gothic literature and the age of Enlightenment.The art is very good(especially the backgrounds look fantastic) and the choice in music is excellent because it matches the emotions that each scene tries to deliver.Furthermore,the story was retold in a way that makes a successful use of the ren'py engine and makes it  an interesting  read for the modern crowd.For some months,I have been interested on Le Fanu's Carmilla  but I had not the chance to sit down and read it because of studies.Thank you for making this wonderful visual novel for I had the chance to not miss out on such an interesting story.I cannot wait to see more of your works,if you continue to make more,because they are very unique.