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this is the funniest thing I have seen this week and the game is definitely amazing ahahah, thanks for this gem

A beautiful block pushing puzzle game! Enjoyed it a lot. Nice touch of removing the reversal character to teach new puzzle elements to the player! Definitely makes the learning curve way more forgiving!

That is the cutest chicken. The games principle is great definitely needs polish and some more challenge. Audio feedback would be great as well. Hope is was a great practice session for you in your single day participation in GMTK jam! 

That intro screen was definitely legendary!
Control were hard to understand in the beginning and things seems a bit challenging at first but once you get the hang it is easier to just tortune Mood slayer!

I need a score counter so I can brag about my high score!
Just kidding, fun little concept mate, looking forward to see how this grows!

you this game is very fun and simple, gets challenging super fast. Love the music btw 

I use OperaGX which is Chromium based

Really appreciate it mate, will give your game a go!

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yooo this looks amazing, thanks for using the assets, nice to see them come to life. I loved especially the dark ambient music, definitely enhances the game. Awesome job mate
Though I seem to keep having trouble whenever I press "Z" I quit the game in the web version

amazingly simple concept with very simple controls yet very dynamic game. Loving this

54.04 first try

this is very wholesome <3
too bad you can't put multiple cookies in the oven though

If you think you are up for the task feel free to add me

I think there is a misunderstanding going on here. I'm planning to pay project based here and until we publish the game. Which we have a budget for. 

Anything else that follows such as future updates or adding a new character, map, etc will have their own rates of payment. Which needs future discussion. 

Hope that clears it up :) 

No we are paying you, as in we have a budget to start to project and pay everyone who is part of it. Of course for the future work it is a different matter. 

Unity is the one I am most familiar with

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EDIT: Thank you evverybody for your time an interest. We have found a new team member already. Hope to work with you all in other game projects :)

Hello Everybody,
My name is Yanin. My team is looking for a programmer for a long term project. Not necessarily going to be working on it full time, but we the project aims to have updates in the upcoming years and we prefer to work with the same programmer.

I am responsible of the art and I will be leading the project. And my friend is working on the sound for the game.


- Preferred game engine: UNITY
- Experience with Mobile Game Development
- Hits Deadlines
- Can do IOS / Android build
- Will work on future updates [PAID]
- Shop feature + high score feature
- Real money transaction implementations

Title: Spicy / สไปฃี่ - The Video Game
Genre: Endless 2.5D Arcade Runner
Platform: IOS Mobile / Android
Art Style: Pixel Art
First Development Period: April - June
Game Launch: July

A wakeboarding themed endless runner with some wakeboard tricking, speed boost, obstacles trying to hit a high score.


All the expenses for licensing and publishing will be covered.

If you are interested or more questions please leave a comment, and email me at or send a discord request at yanin#1701

Loved this, a great short story that is full of twists. Illustrations are great and we can sense the characters personality very well <3

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Hello Everyone,
I am Yanin, I am a pixel artist / graphic designer. I am making a Wakeboarding Mobile Game with a friend of mine. I am responsible for all the visuals of the game and also will be leading the project. We are making this game for marketing purposes for a wakeboard movie series we are also working on, so it is a game designed for a niche of wakeboarders.

It is a paid job and planning to start in January and aiming to finish it by March latest.
We already have a SFX/Music artist and we are looking for one more guy for the team :)

I am looking for a PROGRAMMER to put everything together and publish.
And potentially work on future updates for the game, such as adding new characters and a shop system, and global score system.
We would love to have someone who makes the best within limitations and make sure the product is awesome and presentable.

- Mobile IOS/Android
- 2D Endless Runner
- Character Selection
- Menu Screen
- Scoring System
- Speed Boost

Minit Fun Racer
Gameplay Video:

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror : Mini Game Star Surf (Game Boy Game)
Gameplay Video:



Even if you are not free, Spread to word would mean a lot 🖤

If you are interested;

 You can add me on Discord: yanin#1701

and we can have a chat and I will pass you the Game Design Document.

sure thing go for it :)

Thanks for the feedback, we didn't have enough time to playtest that much and I came to realize the softlock pit afterwards, which was too late unfortunately.  Thank you again for the informative feedback :)

Appreciate the feedback, yeah we try to make our own twist on it but we also struggled a bit as well. Trial and error it is. 

Thank you for the feedback. I can see why you struggled with the spikes :s

Hey, would really appreciate it  if you have time to play my game

Hey, would really appreciate it  if you have time to play my game

Hey, would really appreciate it  if you have time to play my game

Hey, thanks for the time, feel free to check out my teams game as well. It is a small portal puzzle platformer

Sad to hear that you got stressed, hope everything turns out better next time. Still congrats on putting the game out there!

Aight cheers mate!! Good luck :)

I like the visal quality of the game. The thumbnail especially looks great. The game was really simple though, wasn't really challenging. The strings were not always responsive when I tried to cut. 

I can only imagine the intended experience on the vr is way more emotional, I played mouse and keyboard. The sound quality is really great and it is really a interesting perspective to observe your self from the center of the field and watching your other self going through the memories. Was an interesting experience. I don't know if it is my mouse but grabbing things and moving them was difficult, wasn't really that responsive. The player movement was good though. Thank you for making me take a walk through a memory lane!

Thanks for the feedback, just wondering where are the parts you found it to be challenging? Everything was crafted to hold some challenge but hearing from you would help us pin point specific places which would be great! Thank you for playing!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Yeah the "Shoot Beyond" area shouldn't have been accessible or the character should've have had the option of getting out from there istead of getting trapped. I took a note of it put completely slipped while dealing with other things to finish the game haha. Thank you for playing!

Awesome, thanks for playing. Just wondering which parts did you particularly find to be challenging!

The plug in, plug out sounds were so satisfying. I also loved the zap in the ending. very nice cute little puzzle. 

I enjoy these kinds of tower defense a lot, it reminds me of old flash games. The pixel art is very adorable. It is sad to see that some intended mechanics couldn't be implemented due to the time you guys joined but still was a decent game. Only if you guys implemented the sound I think it would have enhanced what is submitted atm. The pink / blue contrast is also very nice!

It's cute how all the animals run so fast in a line haha. I didn't find the game to be challenging, but I see more of a relaxing time killer.

THe music and visuals are awesome. It really took me to a different place. I love how you combined some very basic inputs and build something more from it. Personally I didn't see any reasons to collect any coins so I was just ignoring them in general. Fun mini game though!

As the game starts I really get dark sci fi vibes and the sound fx and visuals, the scratches and grains really compliment it. If the game was darker or had more contrast in between the darks and the brights it would have been amazing.  In terms of gameplay, a really simple mechanic having more and more layer as we progress which was great. I think the level designs are smart where we have to get momentum, or swing, or attract in a certain way. When I saw 3 balls I was really like "oh wow there is even more! hahaha". Great quick mini game, awesome!