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Heyy! I'm happy if I could help, really enjoyed and had fun!  it has such a cool aesthetic :) good luck!!

Hii!! I really loved the charachters and different crime cases are nicely done! I think it's point of  cyber cases will be a good educational project too, especially the cases which needs to be remembered at some point and puzzles( looking forward for more) are again a good practice too for players but I would love to re-read some cases and have different animations for different responses in dialogs maybe etc. Oh and wanna see more stuff especially pause game and a return button maybe more detailed stuff but I know n think ur already working on those and know so have fun, thanks!

This as a  concept looks really interesting so ım looking forward for more and hella its so cool!!  PS: I played it months ago sorry if I missed some stuff and didnt had the right time to write too..

The pixel art in this game looks really good, and it's awesome that the weapon is used as a platform to solve mini-puzzles yeah like that idea!

A game that will always make you laugh, I love this game. AHH SO CUTE

Actually I like the look but I looked for the controlls , first assumed we could walk the character and react to stuff with them but than I understood. The one thing is Idk if its caused by me etc. I was scared and didnt like my Mouse to vanish out of nowhere. Besides that really like the visuals and everything very cute

OOOhh really!! I wanted to check it out aww... But good job really wanted to take a look :.(

Another  fun game developer and youtuber actually love their stuff too

Oh, I definietly understand  beside that I loved how cute it is ah thank you too!!

Hi I found you profile I think thanks to Jonas or other youtubers game jams and really liked your work and followed you sometime ago. I trought your elves looks so cute and give it a try. Actually like the idea and really enjoyed especially the song and osts in it but the fact that the yellow spiky haired elves hairs is taller and touches the upper platform gets to my nerves a bit heheh wanted to say it and sometimes the controls especially the fact that I cant jump everywhere makes me sad heheh but I loved to play it really!

yes ım really thankfull to all you guys did! 

I really love the atmospere you guys did!! Everything looks so beautifull and if you guys had time I can see where awesomeit could go!  I just didnt like the camera which follows our movement rotate etc. and the fact that we couldnt second jump if the characters starts to fall its a sad thing wanted to remind. 

I love all the models the main character tho especially loved to practice if I can stand on trees or I loved to jump higher by climbing on trees for a second although ıdk if I supposed to lol. I spend long times to jump around especailly on trees hehe My favourite was the ost music you guys went for but there is a small blank space when the songs end and it takes time to replay it. Loved to explore the game and its reallly cool looking hope your assigment and grade went all well!

omg yas another game from Jonas and Noa uuu thanks you all!! Wow I think it was really good one time I was freaking out how do teachers deal with kids aaaa lol