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Hi I found you profile I think thanks to Jonas or other youtubers game jams and really liked your work and followed you sometime ago. I trought your elves looks so cute and give it a try. Actually like the idea and really enjoyed especially the song and osts in it but the fact that the yellow spiky haired elves hairs is taller and touches the upper platform gets to my nerves a bit heheh wanted to say it and sometimes the controls especially the fact that I cant jump everywhere makes me sad heheh but I loved to play it really!

Oh, Hello! Thanks ! It was a game jam game, so you know...we didn't have a lot of time to tweak stuff, level design takes time! =)

Thanks for playing !

Oh, I definietly understand  beside that I loved how cute it is ah thank you too!!


who is JOnas btw?

Another  fun game developer and youtuber actually love their stuff too

ah nice, could u pls give me his youtube link?