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Well played ^_^

Thanks ^_^

Thanks ^_^

It was an animation error. The final slime (Pink) was using gray’s animation. I just fixed the bug and uploaded a new version. I hope you have a fun time playing the game. ^_^

Ohh.. Thanks, I will check that.

Thank you for your feedback. I just made an update that you requested. Although, I still need to take time for random sound effects and combo effects. God bless you and your family too. ^_^

Thank you so much for playing the game. I will try to update it regularly.

Thank you for making the video. You are the first one who record video about one of my game😭😭. I really appreciate it.

Only mouse controls. I thought I added a tutorial mode for first time playing.

  • Click and drag diagonally to move the block.
  • Click left or right to rotate the block in X and Y axis.
  • Click and drag down to move the block all the way down.
  • Click and drag up to hold or swap the hold block.
  • Click and drag left or right to rotate the view.

The game is mainly made for Android. So, the controls are a bit weird. Sorry about that.

Thank you

Thanks a lot. I have put almost all of my time into this game. I’m glad that you like my game.

Thanks a lot. I have put so much effort into this game. It means a lot to me, thank you so much.

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I made a playable demo version for Tubics.

So that you can try the game before purchasing it.

You can play with a classic theme in the demo version.

In the premium version, you can unlock more themes by using block pieces.

Download Here

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I just made an original environment version similar to the original flappy bird.

Some people requested me to do it. Here it is.

An original environment day version is included in the free version.

Download Now

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Hello guys! I just uploaded another version of the “Fluffy Birds” asset with pixel art.

I really love pixel art, so I want to know how it went well with my assets.

The asset includes animations, particle textures, effects, environments, and birds.

You can get the red bird, basic animations, and one environment with the free version.

With the paid version, you can get three birds, animations, effects, two environments, and access to future updates.

Download Here

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Hello guys!!

My name is Tomo, I’m a student and a hobbyist indie game developer.

I just release a game called “TUBICS” which is a 3D/Isometric block-falling game.

  • Move the block in 4 directions.
  • Rotate the block in 2 axes.
  • Place the block and clear the line.
  • Avoid the red square at the top.
  • Collect pieces to unlock more themes.

I spend about 3 years on this project because I’m a student and I didn’t have enough time to make progress. Finally, I’m able to release it as a complete game. Although it still requires a lot of adjustments and improvements, I want to try new projects and I don’t want to spend any more time on this project until it is perfect. I’ll try to update it regularly when I have time. I hope you enjoy my game. Have fun guys!!

I lost most of the PS files related to this asset. I’ll try to remake it and upload it with other updates. Thanks you for your support.

Sure!! I just updated the asset with the title. Hopefully, you don’t have to purchase it again.

It’s not difficult to make. Just put some text with a simple font in photoshop and add some fluffy things over the text.

That’s not a font.I drew that title.

Noted with thanks ^_^

No, it only includes PNG files. You can use it freely. You don’t have to worry about copyright kinds of stuff. Very much appreciate if you credit me.

Thank you for the awesome feedback and idea

Thank you for the feedback,I’ll work on it as soon as the jam end.

Thank you for the awesome feedback!!

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Thank you so much

Thank you mate!

Thank you

Thank you for the idea.I’m really appreciate it.

Thank you for playing.I couldn’t give much effort to the game because of my school projects.

Thank you so much

I really love the idea of the game and connection to the theme.Great job,Cheer!!!

Nice game

Really fun game,but I can’t beat the first boss haha

Great game mate!!

Thanks.I’ll try my best to update the asset ^_^

Great Assets!!

Nice Asset!!

Amazing Asset!!


Nice Asset!!