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So tough hahaha very fun though

Such a fun game but damn it's hard to aim properlly. I think that the only downside is that towards the end (idk what is end game, but towards 300 000) when the game gets harder and harder, it feels like you can't do anything but you don't really die instantly so it changes the pace of the game. Other than that fantastic game!

The gameplay is the right balance of difficulty and enjoyment. The cathodic TV mechanic reminds me a lot of Guacamelee which is a good thing!

I love the style and the originality of the game. I do wish it was a bit easier to understand and to play, but I guess that's a project for the near future! 

The art style and the cutscenes are insane. Love the gameplay as well, now that I read the comments about the zombies'blood, it makes it way more easier! 

Love the idea and the look of the game. Very intuitive and fun to play! 

The design of the sprite and the movement is super satisfying. I do wish I could aim directly above my head however.

The controls are very satisfying to use and quite intuitive, good job!

The art style and the idea behind the battery system is sharp!