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As the majority of the other reviews have stated -  this game is visually stunning. Though not particularly my favourite artistic style - I appreciate what you were going for with it, it's abstract nature may appeal to a niche currently neglected within the gaming world. With that in mind, lets get on to the review...


  • Stunning Visuals in a Abstract Artistic Style
  • Well Thought out and Designed Environments
  • Great Colour Palette + Low Poly Meshes
  • Relaxing Music


  • Not Much Direction/Nothing to Really Aim For
  • This May be a Personal Thing - but the view as you travel around the planets is quite Nauseating and ruins the gameplay a bit for me.
  • The Game would benefit from more unique/varied level design for the separate planets.

Final Verdict:

PlanetRealm is a solid puzzle game in an early alpha state. With this in mind - it's few downfalls can be excused due to it being so early in the development process. The game is visually stunning - it's abstract, simple, low-poly artistic style appealing to a niche currently neglected in the market. This is complimented by it's relaxing music and SFX which make for a pleasant gameplay experience. Unfortunately, it does not reach it's full potential - held back by poor variation in level design and a constant change of direction during travel which gets quite nauseating as time goes on.

Overall, PlanetRealm is not quite my cup of tea in the state it is in - though with some TLC has amazing potential to become a fun, succesful puzzel game. It recieves a mediocre 4.5/10 form me - simply due to a lack of direction in it's gameplay.

However, I wish the developer luck as the game still has potential to become a great game. Good luck!

This is the first game I've played and reviewed on itch and I have to say - I'm extremely impressed! So, let's get to it.


  • Impressive Overall Graphical Quality (Love character design!)
  • Great Soundtrack + Sound Effects
  • Smooth(ish) Animation
  • A World that Truly Feels Open even with the Game Taking Place within a Limited Area.
  • Love the Platforming/Adventure Aspect with light Puzzle Aspect
  • Interesting Level Design - I was for my whole 40 minute Gameplay Session
  • Amazing potential and a Solid Foundation for a larger game.
  • Intriguing Story Aspects touched upon briefly (at the very end).


  • Some Environmental Textures could use some work - especially the foliage.
  • The Overall Gameplay requires more Direction and Development - it doesn't have quite the level of depth it really needs to in order to do the game justice.
  • Some tutorial/explaination initially would be nice.
  • The game is a tad too dark intially - though my eyes eventually adjusted to the lighting.

Final Verdict:

Esothe is an amazing game considering it is still early in development stages. It creates a solid foundation which can be built upon greatly in the future. The intriguing concept is unique and has loads of potential to make a solid, succesful game. What Esothe lacks in depth of direction - it makes up for with it's astonishing graphical quality and pleasing soundtrack/SFX. Overall, considering it's current stage in development,  I would give Esothe a solid 7.5/10. 

This game has so much potential - please do not give up on it! I'll be watching it's development closely as I genuinely am intrigued by what this game can become with some TLC.

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing how this project develops!