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This is the first game I've played and reviewed on itch and I have to say - I'm extremely impressed! So, let's get to it.


  • Impressive Overall Graphical Quality (Love character design!)
  • Great Soundtrack + Sound Effects
  • Smooth(ish) Animation
  • A World that Truly Feels Open even with the Game Taking Place within a Limited Area.
  • Love the Platforming/Adventure Aspect with light Puzzle Aspect
  • Interesting Level Design - I was for my whole 40 minute Gameplay Session
  • Amazing potential and a Solid Foundation for a larger game.
  • Intriguing Story Aspects touched upon briefly (at the very end).


  • Some Environmental Textures could use some work - especially the foliage.
  • The Overall Gameplay requires more Direction and Development - it doesn't have quite the level of depth it really needs to in order to do the game justice.
  • Some tutorial/explaination initially would be nice.
  • The game is a tad too dark intially - though my eyes eventually adjusted to the lighting.

Final Verdict:

Esothe is an amazing game considering it is still early in development stages. It creates a solid foundation which can be built upon greatly in the future. The intriguing concept is unique and has loads of potential to make a solid, succesful game. What Esothe lacks in depth of direction - it makes up for with it's astonishing graphical quality and pleasing soundtrack/SFX. Overall, considering it's current stage in development,  I would give Esothe a solid 7.5/10. 

This game has so much potential - please do not give up on it! I'll be watching it's development closely as I genuinely am intrigued by what this game can become with some TLC.

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing how this project develops!

Thank you for the review, I'm glad you liked it.

I agree with all cons. I will try to improve these things in the next updates.