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Most complicated part of the game was when you drop directly into the acid pool and shoot the blocked bath to the left.  I think this part is needlessly hard compared to the rest of the game because currently the acid does a lot of damage.

Now that i rething my original post it feels better if you can shoot upwards with the gun but not with the spells. That way you can shoot flying enemies  and still use the gun without jumping while you can use the spells while jumping but not upwards.

P.S. Generaly i think blocked paths should be re-spawned every time you exit the room instead of staying blocked.

i think the jumpscares in the game are when you enter the previous room just to find there are stronger and toughter enemies there.  It would be fun if there was even a boss waiting for you.

P.S. the gun is already overpowered but it cant block spells. Making enemies that gunfire wont work on them would be great as well as enemies that spells won't work on them. 2 extra types of enemies like spectral ones vs psychic ones would be litteraly amazing.

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The demo was interesting but it feels really linear. Such type of games are fun because you can litteraly get lost on the map. Constantly changing map is  + but is really pushed back by the easilly navigatable paths. 

Great + would be if you could go outside to the left door at the beggining and maybe if you can get more abbilities you can explore that part.  

P.S. I actually forgot that some of the blocked path can be destroyed only by jumping.  I did say some suggestions to the gun/spells but it seems it would be invalid because of the current map layout and currently it has more flexibility.

Original post was how gun and spells should be reversed in the way they can be used (Gun while jumping, spells while on the ground) but again, now i realise this would be broken in terms of the current map layout.