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Ohhhhhh, I didn't notice! I died from hitting the rocks too soon every time :D That's good!

Nice graphics! It took me forever to figure out the ducks though... healing them only made it harder to sedate!

Haha, driving the kart is fun! Some of the levels were tricky, but I'm glad I didn't give up. Did you consider not letting the ball move unless detached from the cart? I wonder how that would play

So glad this wasn't a space themed game! Like a few others, I found it challenging. Is there a bonus for when the raft is together? I liked the heart animation, but I wanted some reward beyond that like extra points haha

Love the art! And nice job adding fun effects like splatters and screen shake. I was kind of hoping to use the double-grapple to clothes-line a group of enemies, but maybe v2.0 ;)

Nice! The reuse of assets was my favorite part, hahaha. Got past one alien? What about... LARGE ALIEN? I played it as more of an action game, trucking through til my health ran out. I think if I could see more distance ahead, it could be a pretty compelling puzzle game!

Good one! The shooting was fun. I really like the concept of enemies shooting when the player shoots. I didn't really understand which things were enemies or good guys or why I did/didn't die sometimes :)

Pretty fun. Before I discovered the slingshot technique by reading the description, I was intentionally getting slammed by the green squares to gain momentum haha.

Did you try it with 4 bumper walls & no gravity instead of just two?

Nice! Love the graphics. The darkness made it a bit hard to see and understand the obstacles, but I guess it does help make the lighting work. Add some music :)

Haha. The prize at the end is delightful. Cool concept. Would love to see a more challenging level or two!

This is cool! And difficult! Did you come up with any improvement ideas for how the player might clear the pipes that can't be closed?