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Great artwork . The gameplay needed a little bit of work. Overall great entry

Thanks for playing !

Great work . Had a fun time playing it !

Simple yet fun. Really enjoyed it !

Artwork and soundtrack are great. In terms of gameplay i think adding a turn based combat system could've been better , instead of adding a bunch of dialogue . Pretty solid work though.

Love the really chill atmosphere and artwork. Adding some interactivity or a story would've helped to keep the game engaging. Still loved the calm setting of the game. Great work

Enjoyable. Also adding certain power-ups makes it more fun.

Concept was really unique and fun. Some soundtracks would be better. Enjoyed it ! 

I love how the player turns into a rag-doll when dead. Controls could've been improved. Concept was great and enjoyable.

Haha i think i am really bad at puzzle game. Good entry  anyways, some soundtrack would've been nice

Great snappy and responsive controls .  Soundtrack was awesome. Really like the stamina mechanic and i am guessing it was inspired from the soulsgame ? . Anyways liked the 3d open world setting , but adding some more objectives and fun elements would make the game more enjoyable instead of only killing the enemies since the world is vast. Great entry !

Thanks for playing . Glad that you enjoyed it ! 

Make this a full release. Really enjoyed it.  Controls are great, channeling mechanics are really cool, great artwork ,sound and player feedback.

Really fun game, enjoyed playing it alot :D.

An indicator would've been nice on where i shoot the snowballs. Anyways fun enjoyable little game

Really loved it . You should try to make this a full release. Great artwork, responsive player movement, soundtrack fits nicely with the game. I am surprised that people can pull this off for a game jam. Enjoyed playing it  a lot. 

Took me a while to understand the skating mechanic. A tutorial could've helped. Anyways really well polished game , with good artwork and soundtrack. Enjoyed playing it.

Will keep the limitations in mind next time around. Thanks for playing and giving awesome feedback.

Artwork is great, love the mechanic of controlling the rocket. The feedback after getting hit by the enemy could be improved . Anyways great well polished game , enjoyed playing it. :D

Thanks for playing :D . Will be more aware of the limitations next time.

Thanks for the feedback :D .  Will try to improve it again in the future. The ambient sprites are just particle effects which i tweaked to make it like that.