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Thanks for playing!
Hm, pausing is meant to go back to the editor but it's possible I missed something pushing through this release. Worst case scenario when Maggie dies it should send you back to the editor.
Anyway, I'll look into it in future!

Yo this is radical, really good job teaching the player everything as they go. Could see myself coming back to this to work on my time, I'd be interested to see you expand on this concept some more.

Love the sound design on this, great work!

Hey, thanks for playing! The game is designed to be pretty fast which is just a preference of mine. I agree that the beasts aren't quite balanced, the main goal was to get a variety of play styles in - if I was to return to the game I would definitely see myself working on balance. Hope you enjoyed!

Hey thanks for playing! Unfortunately I wasn't able to squeeze the controls in-game, but you can read them on the main page - I've split them into gamepad and keyboard players 1 & 2 for reference.


Gamepad: Left Stick / D-Pad
Keyboard 1: WASD
Keyboard 2: Arrow Keys

Primary Attack
Gamepad: A (South Button) / Y (North Button)
Keyboard 1: Spacebar / J / Q
Keyboard 2: Numpad 0 / Z / Enter

Secondary Attack
Gamepad: B (East Button) / X (West Button)
Keyboard 1: E / K
Keyboard 2: Numpad Enter / X

Human Attack
Gamepad: Select
Keyboard 1:
R / U
Keyboard 2: Numpad + / C

Simple, charming and fun. Sword swings are super satisfying, I really enjoyed just swinging it around a bunch. My only real criticism is that it got annoying swapping between keyboard and mouse on the menus.

Yooo this music is boppin'

Oh god thank you for this, I've been struggling to find information on Facepunch myself and this is just what I needed.