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Tu máaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas


Is a cool idea, I didn't need it for the project I was working on, but maybe in the future I will add it.

Thanks for playing it ^^.

Thank you for playing it :)

This game is lilke bad jokes that are so bad that turn to be great. XD

Thanks for playing it.
Yes I need to slow the police. Maybe I will fix that. I don't know if anyone has seen the ending thanks to the op police.

Thanks for the gameplay.

I will watch the entire stream to see all the games.

Sorry for being a bit late too.
Thanks for the feedback, it was very useful.

I added the jump because that backflip from the film have to be in the game and also because it was very helpful to jump over the police. I didn't think about doing a platformer, but it will be interesting to do a crazy race platformer. And yes, I wanted to make a funny game, but maybe not with that amount of bugs... XD

I'm waiting to see your Game Jam Spotlight Video, and I also subscribed to your channel. The GDVR project it's a great  idea, I will stay tunned for that.

What a mix of feelings. Are you okey? XDDD
I run out of time making the game and I had to finish the game too quickly. For example I made the sound and music at the end of the last day. Was that or nothing XD. 

But all of that can be fixed. I'm glad you had fun with it, that was the purpose. 

It's very funny. Divide the screen in two to see the guy and the alien it's a pretty good idea. 

Can you resize the html player to press the fullscreen button? 
I think with that mode it will be easier to control the alien.

It's fantastic. Simple but very entertaining. The 8 bits music fit so well and the controls reflects the tension of the scene. Maybe it's too dificult, I couldn't do it. TARS help me!!!

It's a good card game. It will be fun to play against other people ^^

That was the intention. At the beginning I was thinking the way to move the platforms. One solution was like Oeufwakening, with  the mouse, but I chose this solution becuase it minimize the controls. It will be funny if I had chosen that way and the two games had the same mecanic XD. 

I didn't have enough time to fix the physics, collisions, controls,... because that weekend I was doing other things. I didn't have time even to change the character (is the default 2D character of Unity >.<). I was doubting about uploading the game with all of the things that I want to change, but you two (edmond00 included) showed me that it was the right decision . So thank you two ^^.

Thanks. I also think that the concept is interesting. I hadn't barely use Unity's 2D rigidbody and that cause me the troubles with collisions that you mentioned. I will take more care about controls and the rigidbodies in the next jam.