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Right, more to come! I am hoping to fill in the map and add all the abilities next, then work on more enemies, and after that add bosses.

Yeah, "the forest 1" "forest 2" is actually for me, so I know what room it is in the editor.  I plan to replace that spot in the final game with collectibles. And I definately want to put more signs to help navigate but not in every room.

Priorities are finishing the world map, then more enemies, then bosses.  For now getting to a spot where there will be a boss you can just pick up the ability.

Thank you for playing! It was great seeing you play, give me some good ideas on what to change and refine in future builds.

Hi,  this is my first post and project on the site and I am offerint it at 50% off ($1.00)

MonGirl Tile was my first finished game, we published it on steam a little under a year ago.  I wanted to start posting my new project here and thought I would upload MonGirl Tile as well.

For those familiar with Triple Triad, the game is similar except the board is bigger and when you capture a card it spins changing where the numbers are.

You face off against various cute monster girls on a 5×5 grid. Each player has three tiles in a hand and takes turns placing them, capturing other adjacent tiles based on the tile’s facing value. Not only are the values of your tiles important but also their position on the game board. The goal is to capture your opponent’s tiles and control the majority of the board when all spaces are filled.

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