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The streamer/video friendly version removes the one time log off event which is known to cause the lose of some recordings. The special edition also removes this event as well for people that want to do recordings of the game without any worries. 

Yes, it's harmless overall while also providing spooky out of game moments just for the experience.

Yep! The game itself is harmless in a spooky fashion.

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Since it's actually not possible to reset at this point without the main menu screen. You would have to use the second reset solution by removing the Unity Player Prefs file that the game generates. You can do this by opening up Registry Editor from your windows search. After it's opened, you can find the path to the A Dark Place save file by going under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/XerStudios/A Dark Place. Then on the right hand side you'll see something called "keyOldLevelToLoad" simply right click on it and click delete as this is automatically recreated by the game when you begin playing again. Then choose yes and the save file shall reset back to the very beginning. Hope this helps!

This could be due to framerates being too low which can give less control during this scene. Try setting the resolution and graphics to the lowest for maximum speed and control during this part. Then try and sneak up to the invisible wall and immediately turn back and sprint back from where you came. After you escape, you may change your resolution and settings back up to where they were.  

Yes there is, the special edition comes with extra features and content that the standard doesn't have.  It includes free roam noclip mode, speedrun mode, allows you to play old test levels, allows you to choose over 100 levels to play,  access to all secrets in the game including the unused ones, access to the Darker Places Album soundtrack with 70 music total, access to the A Dark Place 2 Sneak Peek preview, and A Dark Place + My Place wallpapers and a little thank you note in the readme file. This is used to support my newer projects in the making.

You're welcome! Just sent the link to your email as well. 

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My apologies, the original price for the special edition was $2.99 but I had a sale going on for the game including on Game Jolt as well at the time.  Since seems to be blocking access for your purchase I can send you a new download link free of charge through email based on your purchase. I'll send you a link once uploading is complete.

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Yes and it only happens once from a game over screen occurring. To disable this function from enabling, you can head over to the data folder of the game and delete a file called Nightmare.bat. After that, you should be all set to go and shutdowns will not occur during the experience.

Awesome! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

The update is now published and the bug including a couple other ones have been fixed.

Ah okay I see, thank you so much for the bug report. I can see on doing another update for the demo to fix the rendering bug.

We're happy to hear you enjoyed the demo experience! And yes, we do have plans for an upcoming steam release for the full game as well. Me and my friend have been working extra carefully on the full release, and we have plans on implementing a ton of new meta elements just like the first game. We've also started to do a couple livestreams on our YouTube channel recently showing off some of the developmental process of the game with new upcoming streams which we plan on doing very soon as well. We've brought back and refinished some of the previous levels from the older games in the series to combine them into the world of A Dark Place 2 as this game is based on the similarities and styles of A Dark Place 1 and My Place as they are both connected into the same world as this one. And thanks for the detailed review of our game too man! We appreciate it greatly! 

You're welcome! I'm glad you have enjoyed the experience!

Logging off and logging back in should fix the issues preventing file deletion. And not much else is really outside the A Dark Place folder other than the passcode application from the documents folder.  Deleting the A Dark Place folder entirely should clear everything up as well except for save-files which are stored differently. Deleting the save-file can be done by opening the game to the in-game main menu screen and pressing the Q key should then bring up a prompt asking to confirm a save-file reset. Afterwards, you should be good to go.

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I fixed the issue by marking the installation tag as "windows" without needing to upload another copy. A re-installation of the game should now fix the problem. Thanks for reporting this issue to me I really appreciate the notice.

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I just figured out the issue with the current upload and plan on uploading a fix shortly. I apologize for the waiting inconvenience and I thank you for your patience.

Do you have a 64 bit or 32 bit operating system? And is there a specific error that appears when you try to open it?

It's a false alarm due to some of the game files using crucial windows features. In your antivirus, there should be an exclusion option in which you can select the game's folder to fix the interruption popups. 

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Its a small update to fix networking bugs from the online mini-game from chapter 3.

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Glad to hear it man! The LOST mini-game does appear to be using an older version of Lacewing so I'll be sure to upgrade for the stabilization improvements.

I also wanted to say a big thanks for the creation of the Lacewing extension for Clickteam. I learned a lot about online networking from the use of Lacewing in my experimental projects and couldn't have done it without it.

It inspired me to create a personal C# API that allows the support of Lacewing for Unity games. This was used as the main networking engine for my Unity game called Lucid Explorer which allows the community to create and publish dream levels for others to see and play.

Also, I was planning to create another personal Unity API for the support of advanced collaboration projects that allows a small team to work on game projects in real-time from the cloud, this would allow a team to work on levels and designs at the same time while also being able to see the changes made to anything in real-time. It's basically a personal idea I thought about a while ago in which I could probably create someday.

Thanks once again for the creation of Lacewing and its updates, it's been my top highest inspiration for many years.   

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Yep, the game deleting itself at that moment was intentional and apart of the experience. And the saved changes should just be the wallpaper and nothing else.

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It doesn't go that far like A Dark Place did in this game. Usually all it does is open up certain websites for puzzle clues in the game. Save states also play a big role as well when the game pretends to crash for a surprise after you open it back up again.

Yes you have reached the true ending of the game. The sequal named A Dark Place continues the story going forward.

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If you bought the special edition with your current account you will still have access to the downloads to the paid version without having to pay twice. On the top of the A Dark Place page, it should mention that you own the game and it will give you access to the download link for that as well. If none of this is showing up, it may have been due to re-uploads of the special edition I did in which you can contact me through to receive a new updated download link for the paid version of the game. For your other question, the special edition features a debug menu which gives you the ability to update your save-file to access any of the major levels of the game at any time.  This also gives access to hidden secrets, bonus content, and much more. You will also have access to free roam mode for any see how any level was designed using the ~ key. The special edition also features access to the entire in-game soundtrack which leads up to 70+ songs to listen to. Wallpapers are also featured in this version for personal taste and early access to the older version of the A Dark Place 2 Demo.   

You're welcome. I did manage to upload it anyways just in case anyone else needs it.

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The full game was originally going to be $7.99 for about 4 hours worth of gameplay which would also include some special edition features like my previous games. This was going to be done as I was planning on having this as my first Steam release which requires a publishing fee of 100$. However, I haven't fully decided on this being paid yet as this was an idea from a couple of months back. 

An update is coming soon that may include this feature. Not 100% certain if its in a workable state yet but we'll see.

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If this already happened once then it shouldn't happen again. If it didn't then a file named Nightmare.bat would still be in the data folder along with the other files. You can delete it if its still there and the game will no longer cause the one time shutdown. 

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The A Dark Place 2 game demo is now available to play! Many updates have already been made to the release of the game to ensure that the gameplay experience is great for everyone.

⇩ Download A Dark Place 2 Demo here ⇩:

Time Length and Features:

The average playtime length has been estimated to go from 30 to 40 minutes long for the demo experience. We have made the gameplay experience engaging by featuring many environments, mechanics, and many fine details to the design of the game overall.

The Continuation of a Dark Place:


As you return to the depths of the emulated reality, you must find a way to get back to the realm of the withered. This is the place that was considered the finale in the original world before the curse. Nightmare has recreated this forgotten area into his very own realm to represent the ultimate power of his own destruction. This place can now lead to a hidden magical rose which comes with the ultimate power to reset time back before the curse consumed the world. You'll soon discover the hidden truth beyond these emulated realities through the virtual timelines of the past and future.

Physics-Based Mechanics:




You can grab and break carry-able objects open by throwing them with force against walls. You can also use the sledgehammer for breaking open multiple boxes at once, and to break open closed vents and doorways by force. Crouch to pickup small key items, crawl through small tunnels, sneak silently away from danger.

-XerStudios 2020

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I think its because there were not many changes in that version. In terms of the effects I believe only 1 file was removed which was the shutdown feature named Nightmare.bat which can also be deleted manually within the game's data folder. I can however re-upload the updated copy of it by request if you'd like.  

Thank you! Glad it worked out.

Did you try it when the end dialog showed up? What place in the game did you tried the Q reset? 

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the experience! And for the reset, I figured out during testing that when the game is loaded to the final ending message scene, the Q key still works for the reset menu without requiring the main menu screen.

Thank you so much for enjoying my creations! I truly appreciate it and hope the sequel will be just as good or better when its done.

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It's not published on Steam. I am making A Dark Place 2 so I might see if the possibility exists for publishing both games on Steam.

Done! Sent you the non-laggy version

The lag eliminated version is now done, just need to process it for a while and I'll send it over.

I didn't have a chance to make it yet. I was busy for the week

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I do something like that and send it over. Do you own Clickteam Fusion? As that software tool was mainly used for a ton of the virus moments.