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it was used to make the programs in the game. If you want you can download the MFA files here 


under A Dark Place: Development Files. 

The splash screen I created actually tells you how many music boxes you collected in the game and shows a new picture depending on the amount of music boxes. And yes I do know your not stealing anything as you have indeed credited me and said it was a fan-game. And I am actually creating a 3D game engine in Clickteam Fusion named Infinite3D:

And also I am currently working on Chapter 3 of A Dark Place. There is going be more clickteam applications in the full game too. Including a fully playable online multiplayer mini game. So yep.

Hello, I am the official creator of A Dark Place. Just wanted to stop by. I actually did not notice that I accidentally forgot to remove the source code for the original game. But I decided that it should be kept just for the heck of it. I found this page from my analytics page which showed traffic coming from this page to my game. I like it though, Thanks for using it as a tool to create fan games. Nice work! 

Here's a download link for the soundtrack http://gamejolt.com/games/Myplace/254023/download/soundtrack

To reset the game you have to finish the game fully then at the end of the game that should be a computer with a tag above it called "Universe Manager" you can go to it and delete your universe from there. Then it should restart the entire game again.