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I managed to get stuck in the pit in the forest and gave up there, would have been nice to see where the story lead. Overall OK experience.

Really cool as far as it was developed. Nice gameplay idea too.

"It's her!!!", cool story and nice mood.

Amazing, all though a bit lacking in gameplay some things were really cool. Such as putting on the hoodie when going outside (!!!), the people walking by, the robbery scene. I would really like to see more of this, good job!

Nice intro, puts the player straight into the story. Almost got a migraine before getting enough speed to not see the road lines as clearly haha! Overall fun, good job!

Overall quite fun. It was a bit tedious to have to wait a while for the agents to pass in the first levels but after that it was a good mix between tricky and sneaky. A bit odd sound when detected by the spotlights though. Cool ending!

Did not quite understand the story but it had a nice overall look, feel and sound. Didn't know what to do after I got teleported into the battle arena, lol.

Very nice considering the short deadline as well as doing this solo. The radio music is great and catchy, visuals are gorgeous and mood is just really nice. Would have been nice to have a bit more movement speed as well as animations (or atleast flipping horizontally depending on direction).  Perhaps a bit less yellow and more orange tone in the lighting, but that's just my taste I think. 

I would like to see more of this, potential to continue on it?

Amazing logo for your team!

Awesome for a one man game!

Fun interaction when failing

Arghhh you sons of bitches for that ending hahahaha, nice job.

Very nicely coded bossfight

the way you've made some torches light up different parts of your map was very creative!

The "fuuwk" everytime you die cracked me up

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Dödlödö, best name ever. Also loved when your voice actor said "why should he bOther"

Very nice for a one-man project!

Probably the best one-man submissions I've seen so far. Without having to use any advanced 3D-models you've managed to create a visually pleasing experience, great job!

Kick-Ass Logotype

Dat soundtrack tho <3

Yeah update with data folder please!

Really cool, well done for only being one person!

2 spooky 4 me

Difficult! I like how the music starts when you're being chased

The setting and sound really creeped me out, felt like I was being chased D:

As one of the artists, I must agree

You should join the discord channel to group up with people!