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Oh, that's interesting. I think I know how you are moving. Light taps indeed are not the way. It's a matter of timing and using momentum. Try walking in circles. I think that would help you get a feeling for it.

What kind of other trippy effects would you like to see?

Thanks you! I bet that if you develop a strategy you will make it to enlightenment!

Great to hear!

Thank you very much! I'd like to know which sound effects you think should be different.

What did you mean with a grid? I made a chunk-like system for generating the world, but all the objects are not on a grid and don't move on one. The frame buffer has a low resolution as to pixelate the screen, but in reality the position is expressed in floating points.

P.S. I really like bulba as a plural.

Thank you! I am thinking about turning this into a bigger game, so you might see that in the future.

However, the path to enlightenment is not an easy one!

I really like that description of the game! Also, It's nice to hear you like the zoom. I think it wouldn't have worked if you couldn't use the mouse to extend your view.

Thank you! You are correct that cops show up when you pick up a bulbus, but that's only 50% of the times. Let me give you some tips: Bulbus Phalloides (purple bulbus) spawns no cops as it is a poisonous species. You shouldn't eat it yourself, but you can still make the cops eat it.  To stop a cop you must throw bulbus at them.

Hahaha yeah, the beating was an unplanned feature. It was easier not to make the police stop at the players death xD I'm very happy to hear that you dig the game.

Thanks man!

Thanks! Yes, indeed it gets a little lame seeing only one type of tree in the environment. I thought about adding bushes and flowers as well. You can make the police stop by throwing bulbus at them. It makes them... woozy. Check it out if you haven't figure out this feature! That's how I made pausing a core mechanic.

This game is designed to bring enlightenment to every player that learns the skill to collect and identify the right species of Bulbus.

Funky, ambient music

A future in which robots don't do shit. They just yell around telling humans what to do.

The plot is very good: it shows the terrifying side of both the human and the robot.

For all y'all who think mice go looking for cheese: that's bullshit. Mice go around making DOUGH so they can buy the shit they need.

Woah, that's awesome. The fact that you're a comet makes it even more weird than

Thanks, great to hear! When I created the movement I used acceleration. So the controls don't set the characters speed, but it's acceleration. Then what I do is fine-tune the acceleration just right so the player can walk in small, smooth circles. Maybe that will help someone here create more smooth controls :)

I don't know what makes him a thief unless the yellow is gold, but this game probably has the best use of limitation!

Concept works really well! I'd suggest you turn the 'dash orbs' into pickups so it doesn't turn into a waiting game. You'd then divide the map into rooms and put a pickup at the beginning of each room.

I like the use of the limitation. The unlimited thinking time turns it into more of a puzzle game.

Really cool physics! I wish there were more objects I could TP!

A very compelling story for sure. I love that there are multiple endings that make it so not every victory is equal! A very well balanced difficulty. It took me about 10 minutes to get the depressed ending. I have got the following tip:

It is a little annoying that you can't use your 'motherly instinct' after depleating it completely until it is filled 100% again. Maybe it would work if the player knew what was going on. A sound or animation that would play when the bar is full would probably fix this.

I never thought of birds as illegal immigrants... 🤔

Enjoy your enlightenment dude! 

Yes, when you really think about it, you can't help but wonder why...

The phallically shaped speciess called 'Bulbus Phalloides' will kill you. BTW what gives you the idea that these are mushrooms???

Oh wow, YT audio library?

Hehe. I usually hide behind the trees.

Thanks dood

Thats some real good feedback, thank you! I haven't realised that the game could actually be chill, very interesting.

Woah, that's actually not that easy, well done and enjoy your enlightenment!

Then I fear that you can only submit an unfinished game.

Crashes after the second 'game over'

I got lucid