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Evil Seeds community · Created a new topic What comes first

I does seed of evil come after love revalotion 

So are you going to make the sister romance able ?

Renryuu: Ascension community · Created a new topic Romance

Hi can you romance everyone at the same time? 

Can you romance your sister? Does she die in the game? 

Can you romance your sister? 

Does your sister die in the game? 

So if I start building a relationship with her will she still have sex with her boyfriend? 

Hi can you date best friend from the beginning? 

when is the next update

Hi will there be more people to romance in future and will you be able to romance tonks as a male character in future

Can you romance harry potter as a male charater

First off I love the game it's great. 

Ever thought of making a lewd naruto game. 

Can you please tell me why you can flirt with hermione as a male but not female character. 

Is there going to be more romances in the future. 

Can you help me I am stuck on ginnys romance as a female character I have tried all dialogue options but she still said she's not the right girl for me have I done something wrong please help?