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Sorry about that. How to play as Payne and Exitor?

Boas, como jogo como Payne e Exitor? Obrigado.

I sent a review of your game in this page. I have autism and I have no money because companies in Portugal don't hire me to work because of my condition. If you send me your review copy, I will gladly play the game because I love it.

I share with you my playthrough of SOPPEL for Itch.

Sorry for taking too long to upload.

I wish your success in your indie game journey.

The game has a fantastic gameplay which merges keyboard and mouse gameplay at its finest. Unfortunately it took me hours to beat it and I am now making a video for DaniEmpire Personal Computer where I post my PC playthroughs which doesn't have to do with either Steam or Epic Games. The game is one of the best indies I had played on Itch. Congratulations for your hard work. May Soppel 2 come with a man protagonist and guns.

Link of my playthrough

Doesn't show enemy health bar, but for a mini-game, I had real fun playing with Joy2Key configured.

I will make a video of Bans so I will upload to one of my over 40 You Tube channels.

I'll see you in the DaniEmpire Personal Computer.

I need the score display to compare my high score with people.


What is the Planelagos.trf file? Do I need it to load the, I mean, the save file to load the Miniplanets from the game?

Jogo precisa de ser polido. Na jogabilidade, o camião começa muito devagar. Ao premir no botão para andar para à frente devia estar quase na velocidade máxima. Música inexistente, mas trata-se de um mini-jogo que não é assim tão mau, mas joga-se, mas precisa de refinamentos.



Too bad the game is expensive... I had made videos and Livestreams of this game last year for the Demo version. I would like to know when is this game ready. I love this game but... no money...

I beat the Psycho Mode without S Rank. This is the only downside.

When a game isn't free but it's free for limited time, the claim button appears. Only happens when you were trying to sell a game previously.