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Is it a puzzle game?

Sounds a lot like some of the soundeffects in my game LaserShotz

Cool music, nice graphics.
The game works smooth, although the gameplay could be made a bit more engaging

thank you :)

I think it should be Q and D. In Belgium we mostly use Azerty keyboards. But normally it shouldn't be too hard to find a way to change your keyboard layout.

lmao blame Cookiezi


Yeah I tried your demo it was nice. The game has some rough edges but it also does some things really well. If this is developed by one person then I'm pretty impressed.

Impressive work.

Nice work

Dev Log #19 (Chapter Enemy AI): 

In the last few days, I have been making air pathfinding work. With the extra pathfinding dimension, it's really tough on performance, since there's a whole dimension of extra graph nodes to search. But I think by having made the grid size somewhat larger and tweaking around with some settings, it manages to do a fairly decent job for our game. Here's a preview of it in action.

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Dev Log #18 (Chapter Enemy AI): 

I have optimized the pathfinding system and modified it to use flowfields instead of regular A*.
It increased our pathfinding speed such that even  lower end computers will be able to run 200 agents at the same time, which is exactly what we needed to ensure smooth gameplay for everyone.

We also have a new addition to the team. We are now 3 people: the programmer (me), a 3D artist, and a 3D animator. We are nearing our release deadline for the demo, and have most of the gameplay systems in place already. So in the near future the game will start becoming a lot more visually expressive.

EDIT: ok ok, I know you want images. Here's a volume mesh I made recently for the air pathfinding, of which you'll see more soon!

Dev Log #17 (Chapter Enemy AI): 

Ok, the group pathfinding is starting to take some shape. I managed to get up to 250 enemies working smoothly. I've tried to get up to 500 with using multi-scene physics and other optimizations, but the things I tried either don't benefit performance or have too much precision loss. I'm legit curious as to how I would simulate any more, but that will have be a topic for another project.

250 Agents:

Dev Log #16 (Chapter Enemy AI): 

I've been having some delay. I thought I would have been able to show off group pathfinding by now but I have been stuck with improving and debugging single unit pathfinding. At least I managed to make the agent move fairly smoothly now. I have been trying to mess with steering behaviours to achieve smooth motion, with little success. What ended up working better for me is fiddling more with my funneling algorithm to improve the placement of the corners.

Hmm strange, I'm not experiencing any smoothness/control issues with the camera at all. There's some geometry clipping that can happen though. Anyway, thanks for playing :)

Thanks Harry!

Haha yeah I can see how you got confused. Thanks for playing!

Thanks :)

Dev Log #15 (Chapter Enemy AI): 

The past week I've been dealing with exams and the GMTK gamejam, but since that is now over updates are going to come for Project PvP again! For the past few days I've been implenting path correcting/funneling, which takes the raw path output from the navmesh and converts it into a more optimal and aesthetic straight path. This was quite a bit harder than I thought it would be. Implementing my own navmesh pathfinding system from scratch is not a walk in the park, but hey I'm learning :)

Thanks :)

Hmm I'm sure the collision is there but I think geometry gets clipped  because of the camera. Thanks for playing.

Thanks :) Yeah I would have implemented autofire if we had more time, but too many other things took priority

The game is pretty fun, I really like the playful sounds effects / ambience / music and theme. I also love how the trees wiggle when you pass them :)


Cheers mate! Train that tapping finger ;-)

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Thanks! Yeah an entire solar system would be cool.

Thanks! If only we had a couple hours more time :')

Oh this is a nice game! Music and art are nice too.  You must really like waffles.

Bean topia! Loll. Yeah now that you mention it I forgot to add a sensitivity slider. Glad you liked it though!


Thank you :)

Thanks! We wanted to add more elaborate mechanisms for dodging with prediction and better AI but we didn't manage to do that within the time limit. We decided the game was a bit too easy so we made the enemies shoot a bit faster. Maybe it's too fast now, idk haha.


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We had to submit quickly before time ran out and we ran into merge conflict aswell so one of our team members forgot to correctly parent the trees.


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Nice style, game looks fun too. Needs more votes.

Looks like fun! What network API are you using?

Devlog #14 (Chapter Enemy AI):

I've sped up the pathfinding x5 by optimizing datastructures, precomputing some data and multithreading the whole thing. Now my computer runs at 500fps+ with 40 agents all doing single target pathfinding. So I think that will be good enough for our game, since we still need to implement group based pathfinding and that will be faster. I also had to spend some days correcting another problem with the navmesh, but thankfully that problem is fixed now.

In the video, you can see a demo of 80 agents dynamically following the player. It is early stage, since the path and movement still need to be adjusted, but it already looks kind of fun!

Looks really nice Tom, did you make the art and code yourself?