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A member registered Oct 17, 2016

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i'm still against locking classes behind the league level, it will bring more problems (everybody using the same class in the same league) and push players away from the game instead of incentivizing them. it could also bring reverse boosting in order to keep remaining in a determinated league

achievements unlocks are better because you have to work to optimize your ai and make one capable of winning AND do it with a particular circumstance. makes people work towards a reward :) also you can associate leagues with unlocks

player A unlocks a class x via achievements

since he has such class he is "stronger" than other ones and goes up in the leaderbord of that league

he gets a promotion to another league

yeah but now league 1 and 2 are the same since machines are underpower, league 3 is a shotgun fest, league 4 is a sniper one

game should have balanced unlockable class with other ways, not behind a league level

i don't think unlocks behing league position will be healty for the game..

killing blow

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it is max kill count so you have to do 5 kills in the same match if i recall correctly

i unlocked all the classes, shotgun was a pain :/ machine gun is lucky based. easiest is sniper

can we start talking about balancing? i think a thread is necessary

shotgun class way underperforms, going to small range is impossible and if you manage to do so output damage does not reward being killed right after shooting

sniper class OP

machine gun i think it's fine?

what do you guys think?

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ooh i get it. sorry missed the max value thing :P

with kill you mean get the killing shot or damaging an enemy is enough?

unlocked sniper class

i'm trying to unlock the machine gun but the achievement seems a bit random (sometimes i get the score other times not) winning matches with bots that do not move and only shoot

maybe it's me maybe it is how it is calculated i don't know :D @gfx47 what does the client do when checking for achievements?

awesome! this definetly was a bad bug ahah

not everyone has a otg cable to connect a mouse to the smartphone :P btw GFX47 and i found the trigger and he is working for a fix :)

maybe an automatic "scroll all the way up" when opening a menu ? i don't know what he will do

scrolling the screen actually doesn't scroll :/

restarted the app multiple times, sometimes this bug appears and some other times no. i think it is triggered if before the condition on the resource is opened some kind of menu with multiple choices that set the scrolled menu down and it can't be recovered

it is from android so no i can't do that

phone is a nexus 5

check "aswz" account

( i know data will be reset so i'm using two accounts to test for bugs in the unlock system is that a problem? also i test both on android and windows )

yep i was uploading this pic :P

basically when trying to create a condition and selecting resource a blank menu appears and it isn't possible to select anything to make the button apply avaible

yep i know, did that in a multiplayer match (won obviously since the other bots were standing still)

it isn't possibile to create a working resource based condition on android

(maybe do to absence of exists condition in the game?) for some other condition there are still other possibilities while for resource for example they do not

shotgun class unlocking kill not counting

so the situation is this:

kill em all - split team

ally bot AI

shoot small range enemy

move towards closest enemy

enemy: standstill, empty ai

bots get close to the enemy, shot them when are at small range, winning the match

shotgun class progression still is 0/10

i played on both android and windows, if you need someone you can count on me!

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keep in mind the game should focus more on the ai development ad not unlocks imho. maybe achievements for colors ad titles to add customization?

play from the alpha - special camo #1 - alpha title

play from the beta - special camo #2 - beta title

100 kills with X class - silver camo for that class

250 kills with X class - gold camo for that class

X resources captured / X victories in a particular game mode / etcetc - special titles / colors

would make people work towards something without locking core game content behind achievements (abilities and classes IMHO should be avaible from the start or from easily doable quests)

a bit lame maybe but a lot of games use that kind of unlocking system since always and it is proven it works.

maybe you can unlock different classes based on kills

like you star with the generic assault class and then you unlock:

shotgunner: kill 10 shortrange$ enemies

machinegunner: kill 20 enemies without having moved from the start of the match

sniper: kill 5 longrange enemies