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Bot classes balancing

A topic by xb8 created 205 days ago Views: 440 Replies: 11
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can we start talking about balancing? i think a thread is necessary

shotgun class way underperforms, going to small range is impossible and if you manage to do so output damage does not reward being killed right after shooting

sniper class OP

machine gun i think it's fine?

what do you guys think?

balancing is too be discussed after it's released, we're bug testing atm.


That's OK to discuss it here (and now) since we are in a separated topic ;)

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Ahh well then, I'm a little disappointed that the conditions I asked for weren't included. Shotgun seems UP, but seeing as I don't have it, can't exclude that it's not just programming. Don't have nor have I faced the machine gun so can't comment.

I noticed a nice rock-paper-scissors sanario that I get when i match my AIs against each other. Where one configuration for the machine guns is good against shot gun enemies while another is better against assault. very nice so far, but getting into a specific balance can be difficult without setting some ground-roles about which class should beat which and in what range.

In short: Snipers way too OP, Machinegunners slightly underpowered, Shotgun - hmm, ok?

Suggestions: Decrease sniper's acc or lower its damage, Increase shields/health or accuracy of machinegunners.

I suggest a poll about classes, after the release of Alpha 5. There should be 3 questions and 3 scales like:

1) How well do you think Sniper class balanced? 1.Terrible . 2.Poor. 3.OK. 4.Fine. 5.Excellent.

2) How well do you think Shotgun class balanced? 1.Terrible . 2.Poor. 3.OK. 4.Fine. 5.Excellent.

3) How well do you think Machinegun class balanced? 1.Terrible . 2.Poor. 3.OK. 4.Fine. 5.Excellent.

For example, I would answer 1) Terrible, 2) OK, 3) Poor.

Next people should write in that topic their thoughts how to improve balance. Even if you want to balance on your own, it still can help you.

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Speaking of scale - maybe it would be better to use more clear terms like: Overpowered/Powerful/Balanced/Weak/Underpowered.

Then my answer is: Sniper - Overpowered, Shotgun - Balanced (kinda, I'm not sure), Machinegun - Weak.

The comparison standard should be Assault class.

I am pretty new to the game and I am only in league 2, so only have Assault and Shotgun, but once I got into league 2, I felt that if you gave a shotgun robot the scorer AI they give you in the tutorial that just goes to the nearest resource and gets it, you win almost every game. I hope that the other types of bots in the later leagues will stop this from happening, but given the high speed of the Shotgun bots, I feel that league 2 is kind of broken.

So far it just seems the machine gun is the underperforming bot

while it is very cool to have new units (I am league 3)

The game is now broken...

The shotgun bots essentially outperform assault and machine gun bots with the same AI due to speed alone, despite their lower accuracy.

Accuracy changes also have made it a DPS with no more factor of percentage which is a farce. While this does make some things interesting, mostly it makes the game more flat and also makes the machine gun bot near worthless against the other two in my experience. I've yet to see it used well.

Also resource rush is the only way to win or draw. I had about 85% win rate holding #1 in league for a while, but in league 3, it's essentially 50/50 and a TON of draws now that shot-rush is the game...

I am league 4 and have a lot of diamond-master battle. The sniper is WAY TO OP ! I can create every Ai he kill me with 3 actions ... He 3 shots the normal bots, You damage he shield but you die 3 times ! He is so op.

In Gladiabots I want originality I don't want sniper every match !! Shotgun can kill it but Sniper can kill shotgun with 2 shots and in every range !