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Good game, Input movement feels really strange

Good Game, nice concept

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el texto creo que esta cortado a la derecha, no se puede leer todo el scroll, el arte del scroll parece el de Unity por default

aprendi a usar los controles por prueba y error, no se muestra como interactuar con el juego

el Salto del jugador es irrelevante al gameplay, si hubiera plataformas o amenazas horizontales puede que tuviese sentido

Edit: acabo de ver el boss araña. el salto sigue siendo irrelevante, la espada se puede spamear para hacer daño mas rapido, la araña no da un buen feedback al recibir daño. aparte el salto es muy pequeño

el movimiento del jugador es muy incomodo, el feeling de movimiento debe ser mas instantaneo, así das mejor feedback al usuario con sus acciones

tal vez, debería haber un feedback de los obstaculos que van a aparecer

el arte tiene problemas de contraste con el texto, los botones son dificiles de leer e interpretar que son botones


- qué sentido tiene que los corazones permanezcan en el suelo pero las monedas no?

- Qué sentido tiene la opcion de saltar y atacar si no las vas a usar en la mayoria del juego ? son mecanicas que no se están aprovechando bien, lo mismo para la estamina

- Como influye las monedas al juego? por qué Monedas?

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Hi, Z-Fighting here

Edit*: Also Inspect sound is very noisy,maybe it will better witouth it, the sound is not inmersive


I just release my tool to everyone :)

UniFlux is a Tool to Handle Events and States in a Easy to use Hight Performant way

Here =>

Also You can Download here in Asset Store

Looks good

Nice game, too scary

lv 12 204s




Tapas & Chapas: Frenetic Multiplayer Pong-like

Nice Idle

Nice concept

Nice Game , I love it

Basically is this, why Browser Plays is not able to see in dashboard ?

:,) damn



It's  a great game, I maybe letting bullets on the top It's like a hack to delete fishes

Interesting game, I suggest the player can't plant in a terrain where it cannot be saw (ex.: behind the great tree).

Nice game

hmm how about moving the arrow to the left hand side of the square? you lose homogeneous aesthetics but it might be more understandable.


Akzidenz nice game, maybe 'Push!' scene it's tricky at the first time, I saw the video of someone below to understand how to win that level

This guy can be winnable?

Que buen juego, me ha encantado

Nice Idea


Nice idea, tapping as a switch alternative

27 pts Highscore :)


Nice Talk :)

Nice game

Also I guess, this game looks very well if it has a Level editor like Geometry dash, a be funny to create hardest as hell xD

Hi, okok:

- The menu looks nice, but maybe can include the controls or in the first level appearing in the floor of the game like a sign

-maybe the flags showing a feedback when the player has contact with it (when you reach to a fake flag it feels strange 'cause idk if it's done or not)

this is a great example of what i tell 

-Maybe Adding new obstacles in the game can be better, for example this level is same as another one but only with a wall, it doesn't have a new o interesting way to solve it

IMO it's looks great and it feels nice playing with the timing of the gun, some ideas:

* maybe in levels you can switch your weapon with other ones in the floor

* enemies (zombies for example) who only fetching your pj and you has to evade while you're trying to don't touch the spikes (tricky but maybe if it is well balanced may has interesting levels)

* Spikes that can move with a pattern can make your game with more timing moments and maybe increasing the fiero scenarios

(Here are a interesting link of the meaning =>

And of course, maybe a "go to menu" option haha or "level selector"


StarPath is a experimental game about create stars  in the space, each player can set as many stars as they want, 

you can see how the space growth with your contribution :)

Nice concept, maybe tiny the screen size