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Brian Duffy

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Thank you!

Thanks for playing!

Being added in a day one patch! lol

Bunny hop to almost victory! Great game

Fun little game, I escaped the time loop by clipping through the glass, freedom!!

Hey, I'm a programmer/game designer looking for a team if you guys are still available? I was planning on using Unity cause I also don't have Pico-8 haha

Can I get Dollface's seed? With the yellow flowers, love those colours

The star of my collection

Thank you for your kind feedback! Doggos > humans always

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Dumb fun is the intent

Great game, very fun to control, the bouncing adds a lot to the typical rotating puzzle idea. Love the animation of the character!

This is a nice little game, the music and the visuals go quite well together and there's a lot of fun in rushing around with the powerups as the weeds get more intense. You have another comment that mentions possibly shortening each round which I agree with, since it's about setting a high score each time. Nice job!

Great game, I really like the visuals and the balance between dodging bombs and staying on the platform creates a really nice tension. I would suggest that if the player shoots a bomb maybe they shouldn't be knocked back as it means it's never really worth shooting at them instead of dodging, but that's a minor issue. Lots of potential in this one!

I enjoyed this,  randomly changing the situation rather than simply sending waves of enemies is an interesting idea for a tower defense, but at the moment it's defintely too easy once you have a couple of turrets down. (Also small note but the turret firing noise is quite harsh)
Nice game!

Enjoyed this one! Couldn't manage to control my landing on level three but there's a solid concept here

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the carnage

Haha you found the only way to ensure that Doggo lives forever!

Thank you, and thanks for playing!

Thank you! Yes haha nobody needs to see that

Thanks for playing! Yeah a more robust tutorial would probably help

I feel truly accomplished. Fun game, very original idea!

Very impressed with how natural the feeling of mixing drinks and holding a conversation is in this game, really nails the intended experience. Good work!

Absolutely loving this game, awesome work

Really love the direction you're going with this, excited to see where it goes. Still quite buggy (dialogue boxes stop appearing when I load a save?), but great work so far!

Absolutely love it

Really charming little experience, great work

Fun game, though the window is very small and makes playing for a while a little uncomfortable, being able to scale to screen size would be great. Awesome job though!

Failing to launch from the itch desktop launcher, seems to retry the extraction rather than launch the application, had to go find the exe myself