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Hi Charlie!

Have noticed that i cant seem to load raster images from folders containing letters like ÅÄÖ.. same file will load without problem from any folder not containing these letters. No issue to load stl files from these kind of exotic folders tho.. Didnt see this bug in issue or fix list, so thought i mention it..

Did however see that youre planning on adding adaptive toolpaths, sounds crazy brilliant!

Have encounterd some minor problems while playing around with horizontal toolpaths where maybe sharp edges in stl files seem to create a micro height not allowing the toolpath to reach all the way down. (Im guessing that 3d objects gets converted to raster image and thats how the toolpaths are then calculated and the contrast is what gives these not perfect sharp edges resulting in not a 100% flat surface. Did test around using 9 samples and no smoothing 500dpi) No big issue when a pocket operation with max depth to the "floor" could fix this particualr issue in some cases atleast. Did however have som wierd results with a cut depth of 3mm where it left 2mm uncut, leave stock set to 0, (total depth was exactly 5mm in the model). 2.5mm left 2.5 mm of stock and 2.4 did another pass and left 0.2mm of stock..  Maybe it only goes for whole "cut depths" where they fit, but that would render stock to leave option kind of not so trustworthy? Especially if the depth of cut is somewhat significant in depth, see attached picture. Now im on thin ice but another more complicated model looked really good after playing around with horizontal not paying too much attention to how much stock was left or if it only used the whole cut depth. Anyway im super impressed with how it all works, how fast it is and very much looking forward to whats to come!

BTW. Did cnc this test piece and tolerances were spot on! :)

Cheers! /Xalor


Thank you! Sounds really good.

oh and by the way, I am the producer of all these stl files with wierd measurments, but they are made in known metric units :)

Thank you for a super fast reply!

Yes a scaling function is exactly what i was looking for! So that 1 whatever could be 1 or maybe 10 or 0,1 whatevers etc when importing (mm in my cases). Its easy to adjust yes, but its also easy to not know what exact mm that wierd part was measuring, then i have to go back to modelling software X and measure again to be sure (or maybe just get more discipline in my way of doing things..) I do for example 3d printed molds for epoxy resin and then machine the molded resin (among other things), hence a variety of stl files and desire for easy dimensional corectness..

If this could be implemented i would be a very happy hobby machinist!

I come from 3d animation and quite familiar with most 3d modeling software, not really a cad drawing guy thats why i really enjoy this software! Must say its most impressive! (see attached worldmap oak solar clock thing, came out above all expectations :)
(Node MCU + a strip of 80 ws2812b leds)

I am subscribed! Looking forward for more videos!


Hi! I recently bought your amazing program. Am really happy with all the features. Seems i can do almost all the tasks im looking for. Also i dont like the logic, hazzle and workarounds i go thru in fusion. Anyway. One thing that bothers me a bit is when i create a new layer with a stl file, it scales it to match canvas y size. Is there any way i can use the dimensions included in the stl file as default? I know i can just rescale but then i have to measure or know the correct dimensions of the files. And there can sometimes be alot of files with wierd dimensions. Would save alot of time. Thanks!