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Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

wow, that's a great game, I've never seen this before!
I'm glad that you liked! ^^

Cool, wanted to play more but I'm very bad at it haha 


Cool game, wanted to know before that I could use the mouse scroll

Well made game, good story

I'm not a fan of puzzles but this game is awesome and the puzzle is well made, 

the story is great, very interesting, and a bit scary

the visual is awesome and simple!

the sound effects at the right time make the difference!




Fun, Cute and Simple

It's a little bit confusing at the start but it's a good game (it's a little bit difficult to understand that it was an mouse on the tutorial)

 I loved the intro cutscene

The shoot is so satisfactory

Maybe adding a difference on the projectile beyond the color and the type of fire rate would help

Great Work!  One of the bests I've played on this jam!

yes haha RnG and life can be hard sometimes!

thanks for playing!

thanks for playing! hahaha your score have increased a lot on the last try

this was one of the ideas I had too, thank you for your feedback!

"Simple, Fun and Difficult"

the type of game I like!

"Simple, Fun and Difficult"

the type of game I like!

thanks for the comment!

At the first moment I did put the stats that  each item changes but I think in this way the UI becomes cleaner and creates a learning curve about items

 so you need to try and discover by yourself what each item does! then replay it

this is not really a game, actually in my view, is more a reflection about our decisions but I liked the reference of bitlife, is a great game but a bigger scope

this is the idea that made me do this game, I think the world is going through some hard times and sometimes we don't realize that our decisions impact everything too

I'm glad it makes you think about it!

thanks for the comment!

I'm glad that you liked! ^^

haha In this game there's no win, it's more a reflection about time and decisions but ... is a way of see it haha you kind of WIN it, congrats, good score!
yeah I wanted to add sound and effects but we ain't got time enough

Thanks! ^^

thank you! I agree that music and sound effects would increase the quality! unfortunately we didn't have time enough :C

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Can I make a game that the time is a resource?
like a game about managing stats of someone's life

ohhh Got it, tks!

Hey Mack, big fan here, nice work !

I know that I asked in the ww2 assets but I would like to know if you think about adding another version of the pack with animation(), if yes please let me know I would be interested!!

second, can you pls upload a image of all guns? ^^ 

there's any version with animations? cool assets!

I think my type of keyboad aren't the same, I'm trying to input underline "_" but it won't accept it , I use portuguese abnt pt-br

until 600 I still got my mental sanity hahah very good your first py game!! Congrats

Thanks for playing, your feedback is 100% valid 

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Very simple and cool, congratulations.
I really liked the style B&W and the intro every new scene!

Congratulations for the game, i really like the mood of the art and the music.

The animations are very funny!

thanks for the comment! everything you said make sense, we forgot to comment the instructions in english haha but you made it!

I appreciate your comment, thanks for the feedback!Our team is happy knowing that you liked the game.