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Ah I am interested thank you! I'll hit you up with an email sometime! I get what you mean about experimenting hahaha

This is fantastic!! Is there any possibility of making this open source? I would love to check out the code and maybe help add some functionality (connection to maybe? Images too would be amazing) I understand it won't be added to the bundle since it's free, but I want to show my support and contribute this to the forthcoming collection!

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YOU'RE RIGHT THANK YOU i didnt even consider using the arrow controls! I can now move the window with the diamond in the top left too!! I just hope we can turn off always-on-top eventually cos I'd love to keep it running in the bg while I do work on my computer.

Me too! only I can't even drag the window. I cant wait until this is fixed cos I am so excited for this game!

I backed the kickstarter, I'm so happy to see you get it funded!!! Congratulations!

I left a rating with how I'm enjoying it!!! This is a great game thank you for sharing here!! Also I really appreciate how the date-able characters aren't given a specific gender ;u;

I love the idea of this game so much!! Everyone I know is too busy to play any ttrpgs, but I'm gonna see if I can play this solo soon! ^^ I'll let you know how it goes!

This sounds like an amazing game

 I hope I have the opportunity to play it one day!

Name of System: Custom! 
Number of Players:  created for 1, though co-op and/or gms are possible
Approximate Session Length: 30-60 minutes 
Testing Period: At least a few more months, though feedback is always appreciated!
Other Details: Right now I want to focus on solo and co-op players, with slight priority placed on solo! 
How To Contact: on here, OR on discord at wych(witch)#2531

You can grab the game here! I prefer feedback in the feedback thread on the page but wherever easiest for you works for me!

Pilgri Mage: RPG community · Created a new topic FAQ

I'll add some FAQ's here! Though one thing I wanted to say is that feel free to post your adventures!!

Please post your feedback here!  Whether it's as objective as conflicting rules or typos, or as subjective as critiques on the tone or style, it'll all be greatly valued and appreciated!

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____  _  _   ___    ____  ____  ____   __  ____  ____  ____ 
(  _ \/ )( \ / __)  (  _ \(  __)(  _ \ /  \(  _ \(_  _)/ ___)
 ) _ () \/ (( (_ \   )   / ) _)  ) __/(  O ))   /  )(  \___ \
(____/\____/ \___/  (__\_)(____)(__)   \__/(__\_) (__) (____/

Post below for any bugs or feedback you may find!

ah i've never considered doing that! Thank you so much!! I'll leave this post up in case there's a way to directly interact with with items that we're somehow both missing

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I've been trying this out and I love it so far! However, I can't figure out how to remove an item from the inventory. I can freely change other variables but for some reason item management is the one thing that escapes me. Thank you so much in advance!