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Thank you very much for your feedback. 

I plan on developing sequel in the future, so feedback is always welcome and will be taken into consideration.

Best regards and have a nice day

I've changed the topic title to remove the word "problem".
The previous title could lead other customers to believe there is an issue with the asset, but since we're dealing with customization, this is not the case.

Since we're discussing the same topic, please post replies on the original post, instead of creating a new topics to every reply.

I'll lock all topics, except the original one. That way we can still use the original post to discuss this matter. 

original post:

To be honest, I'm not sure what graph you're referencing to.

Anyway, on Blender or any other 3D modeling software, it is recommended to use real world measurements when creating your models. 

If you open a reference image inside Blender, you must check if the image size is on real world scale, if not then you need to resize it.

It is also possible to import the base mesh rail fbx file into blender and use it as a starting point.

Best regards

You're welcome. 

If you have more questions, please let me know. 

Best regards

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Hi there, 

It is possible to customize the rails by changing the the "Base Mesh" property used by the Railroad Builder. 

It works by repeating the base mesh model to create the railroad, so if you change this property to a custom rail segment model that as a ballast bed, the generated railroad will also include the ballast bed.

Note that, this is not a game, it is an Unity asset designed to build railroads for Unity games.
That being said, I cannot ensure compatibility with third party games or assets (Such as Trainz). 

If you have more questions, please let me know.

Hi there, thanks for getting in touch and for playing Rock n' Rush Battle Racing.

No, the game doesn't support modding and there are no plans to include modding support in the future.

Best regards

Please, add my game to the bundle.

Hi there, thanks for asking. 

It doesn't support LAN multiplayer. But it does supports online multiplayer up to 8 players and local split screen up to 4 players. 

The 4 player split screen is great for parties, however, due to the recent COVID-19 situation, I recomend using the online features to play with your friends for now.

I know it is hard, but it is very important to follow the World Health Organization and avoid parties for a while.
Once the quarentine is over, I'm sure we all will have a great reason to reunite with our dearest friends and celebrate.

For now, I believe online multiplayer is the way to go.

Stay healthy, best regards

Due to the recent COVID-19 quarantine Rock n' Rush Battle Racing now can be download for FREE for limited time. 

Download for FREE

As indie game developers all we can do to collaborate in this dark moment is to help you stay entertained at home.

Stay home, stay safe and play as much as you can to keep your mental health in check. If you also wanna help somehow, share this with your friends and help them stay at home too :)

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Thanks to everyone that voted on Rock n' Rush! 
This would not be possible without you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Smooth Enable Animation for Unity 3D is now avaible on!!! 

Smooth Enable Animation for Unity 3D

Enable and Disable objects with a fun and engaging animation on your games! 

Perfect to retain players attention on mobile games.  


  • Script based enable/disable animations
  •  Manage single or multiple objects visibility on you scene
  •  Supports custom events calls 

Hello Aaron.

We don't intend to make a desktop version for now. 

Thank you for your interest in the game. 

Listen to your favorite song while fighting hordes of enemies in space!  Play Dark Space Survivor!