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Thank you for playing and for hosting the jam!

That is really curious. Thanks! I'll look into it.

Thanks for the heads up! Can you provide more information how it happened? Did the puzzle complete and not give you the fuse?

Thank you! That means a lot.

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed

I really enjoyed the voice acting and the dialog particularly at the intro. The map itself although having a pretty simple layout, have the objectives and points of interest pretty well distributed. The objective tracker was a great quality of life feature even though the character dialog was enough for me to figure out what to do.

I kept expecting to get a gun and start blasting the creatures, maybe because they gave off Dino Crisis vibes to me for whatever reason. Overall a fun, nifty experience! The secret room was a really nice touch as well.

I haven't played The Horror of Salazar House myself but from what I've seen of that, I never really questioned the retro vibe and aesthetic going in on this one. You absolutely nailed it.

I liked how every information is clear--when new cultists spawn in, the different levels of door integrity, the way the lights go out when a girl is taken from that house, and made clearer with the addition of distinct sfx. These are things often overlooked but really helps making the game feel fair, fun, and polished. A nice retro, arcade minigame with a spooky undertone.

I like the idea of a Thing-like creature that mimics objects instead and eventually hunts you down if you fail to find it first. Although I wish it were a lot tougher to kill and more vicious when you do manage to fail identifying it. I also had trouble getting used to the sensitivity; I think the base setting is way too high even when I turned down my mouse's dpi. Neat concept and good job overall though!

A neat mini Slenderman game. The collision against the trees were pretty rough and I don't know what triggers him to rush and kill me sometimes. I do like the MrKravin sprites, the music stings, and I appreciate that there wasn't an ear-destroyingly loud sound every time you got caught.

I absolutely loved every aspect of this! It felt very intuitive interacting with the environment with the use of color-coded texts, making you more focused on being immersed in the world rather than thinking too much trying out which verb exactly needs to be used, or which objects really matter. 

I love how the theme is well weaved in the experience as well, subverting my expectations on the genre in a meaningful and satisfying way. I wanted this level of subversion in my entry too but I don't think it turned out as well tied-in as what you have here.

The great writing and sound design + music just completes everything together in an amazing package. Just a fantastic entry all around.

It was obvious that a lot of time and effort went to the visuals because they turned out really well. The character animations were smooth and I liked all the outdoor and landscape scenes. Although I did feel iffy at first with the intro sequence and that thing in the shed so the quirky and ridiculous turn of events really caught me off guard. Pretty well crafted nonetheless!

What a ride. All the twists and turns were a pleasant surprise, and I love how the header image added a lot to the experience well after finishing it. Superb writing too!

Really cute!

Very neat concept! Definitely needs a couple more levels with the abilities playing around with each other. The movement and jumping could also use some more work to make it feel good and satisfying to control. However, the main mechanic is something I could easily see being turned into a fully fledged game. Good work!

Pretty well written, emotional, and quite endearing. The way the narrative is subtly presented makes it easier for myself to enter the character's shoes. I do agree with the comments that it needed a bit more audio to complete the experience. But overall a short, neat, profound story!

Thanks! Yeah the original plan was to have an alternate ending where you don't do a single transformation but that requires adding solutions to the puzzles that does not require you to use the mechanic. I think that would've added significantly more work and required more time to design so I just cut it so I can make it to the deadline. Glad you liked it for what it is!

Means a lot! Thanks! Animal Control looks super interesting can't wait to try it out

Thank you!! I'm very excited to try out your entry soon and I'll be sure to let you know what I think

Glad you enjoyed! Thank you for playing.

Thanks so much Aaron! I'm just waiting for the game jam dust to settle but I'm very excited to try yours too!

I agree and I'm really glad people are picking up on that detail. Thanks for playing!

Haha I knew at the start that there would be comments about "having no toilet paper is the true horror of the game" if I did. So I poked fun at that cliche. Also nobody ever said you were in there pooping in the first place ;)

Yes, the mouse is intentionally slowed down during aiming and peeking. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah the game uses the exact center of the screen to detect what you're focusing on so you have to be slightly on target when zooming in. Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing! Slowing the mouse down during aiming and peeking was intentional by design. If it is slow even when not doing those, there is a mouse sensitivity slider when hitting ESC which should help slightly.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed

Thanks for playing. Nice thumbnail

Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for sharing this

I will have to politely ask both parties to stop here, or continue the discussion elsewhere. I wouldn't want to mute comments for other people genuinely wanting to express thoughts about the game. Please and thank you.

PS to answer original comment, I am not planning to add more content in the future.

Sorry that happened! This is a weird issue as it runs on my greatly inferior laptop, with OBS running and all with no issues whatsoever. Will try to look into it.