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Interesting concept ;). Like the art a lot.

What did I just played? I love it!

What did I just played? I love it!

Haha. Enjoyed it a lot.

Cool game, like it a lot.

Great Level design. Keep up the good work :).

haha. Fun game. Hope to see more :).

Haha. Pretty funny concept. Enjoyed it a lot. 

Hey, thanks for playing my game. That's a pretty high, high score.

Haha, thanks. You should read the instructions on the game page :).

Great game. I like the crazy Jonas dance of.

Its kinda weird tho.

Great game :). I like the crazy Jonas dance of.

Fun and innovating game. Hope to see more games like this :).

I like the glitchy voice. 10/10 :)

Thanks for your feedback :), you should read the instructions on the game page, maybe you will understand what to do.

Haha, read the description on the page.

Better than the original.

What did I just played xd. But was funny seeing Jonas finally dancing.

Fun game. I love pushing those bugs in to the water.

Haha, love the different mechanics.

Great level design and fun to figure out where to go next. Great job :).

Haha, love the glitching blue screen. Great job.

I love the glitching but throwing the ball is hard to master :). Hope to see more levels.

Great music and good contolls. Like the camera movement with the mouse. But some sound fx would made the game feel more bUGieR :).

Hey, thanks for playing my weird game. Hope your brain went WHOSHHH :).

thanks for the feedback.

Great music but really hard to play. I wish I had a cursor that would show me where I'm aiming at.

Really nice game with smooth controlls and good level design.