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This was my favorite game of this collection of random horror games! Starts at 18:52



There was some very nice tension in here! I LPed it starting at 14:42

I really loved the atmosphere of this game! It's the first one of this week's LP collection: 

I really had a fun times with this game! I love the style of it! Its at the end of my LP 30:11 

Well. I have to give congratulations on this, I've never had to stop playing a game to go lie down for a few minutes. I was unable to finish it. I didn't feel lost with my lack of knowledge on The Magnus Archives either so good work there as well! LP starts at 23:01 

I liked it! the style was simple but cute! I Lped it starting at 15:53


I broke it! I ended up getting the ball through a wall... here's an LP. It starts at 4:30 


I LPed it but I broke the game:


I really liked this! Loved how fluidly the choices led into one another. I did an LP of it! Starts at 35:52!


I really enjoyed this! Probably my favorite from what I played for my collection of random horror games LP! Starts at exactly 28:00!


Reminds me of the movie Pinion a bit? Just because that also takes place in solitary for the most part. I did a let's play. Starts at 24:48


It was a bit hard to look at at first but my eyes did adjust. I thought there were some really awesome concepts in here. Starts at 13:32


Did a let's play with commentary! Start at 7:15


I really like this. It crashed so I don't know if I beat it but I did like it! Starts at 3:20


I really love the look of this but had some troubles with the controls. It's the first of my latest random horror games video: 


I did an LP of this. It's the last one of the video:

These creatures are terrifying, I really love them. The look of this game is really good. I did an LP of it!

I really liked this concept but I feel bad for the creature. I lped it!

I did a little let's play of this. Seems like a decent concept but could use some work: 

I did a little let's play of this. Maybe make an options menu to adjust the mouse sensitivity? 

I absolutely adore this atmosphere. Looks like the start of something great! 

Did a quick LP of this! Monster is at the end: 

I LPed it, it was really nice

Did a little LP of it! 

I didn't finish it but I did put it in a little showcase LP! 

This was really interesting but I fell in a hole 

Nice and Quick! No issues, I also only got 2 endings but I didn't try all the options since I was doing it as a Let's Play

I really enjoyed this! Did a let's play of it!

I think I may have hit a bug? It's towards the end of the video 

I finally did a replay: 

I didn't try it a second time unfortunately since I was recording it but I was playing on Chrome! 

Hey I did a Let's Play of this

Hey I did an LP of this but I think the game may have been broken? At least I'm really hoping it was broken

I did a little LP too! I really enjoyed this 

Hello! I did a little LP of your game: 


Here's a little Let's Play I did! 

Really cool concepts. I got blocked a lot. 

Awesome! Good luck with the jam!

Hello! I did an LP for this game! Is there a way to adjust the mouse sensitivity for it?