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Okay, thanks.

It's just that I've read another jam's description and it said you could start developing before the jam started. I didn't know this could possibly be allowed. So, just to make sure, starting development before the jam begins isn't allowed is it? Or gathering images and sfx?

Great art, the animation is very well done!

Just in case you didn't change your mind about sharing it... now I have a computer... so if you send it again I'll be able to download it this time. But thank you a lot for trying that day anyway, it was very nice of you! :)

The idea is so good, and the gameplay is simple but so fun! If I was to make any suggestions I'd say, what if the towers had a small field of vision, so they would aim at the close rockets? That would make the game a little easier. But, maybe being hard actually helps making the game cool.

I found that out a few days ago because I saw that code somewhere, but wow, thanks for saying it, an egoistic developer would probably have kept it to themself. Also that would help me a lot if I didn't know it already, because I know very little about mathematics, so thank you a lot for explaining it! And I saw that video of Planet Digger, the visuals are so cool!

Oops, sorry =*.*=

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Haven't played yet, but I saw the video on the announcement page and I absolutely love the style!! The fast game play and the effects... it looks very good!

And I had never seen a circular shoot'em up before, that's a good idea!

I wish I made games like that!

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I tried to make it look like the original. The main difference are the particle explosions. It was made with Mini Micro engine. I tried to upload a web build but it didn't work, so you have to download it for now. It has just 32 - 34 MGs, tough, depending on the build you download, It works on Linux, Mac and Windows. Also I'd really like someone to test the game and see if there are any bugs. Also if it runs too fast, or too slow. Donations would be nice tough I don't really think it's good enough for it...

Thanks a lot for trying it, if you did!  ^v^

The art is nice, and the animations are nice too!

The idea is good, and the art is not bad! They'd look good with animations

What's the theme?

Great characters! I loved the animation of that little black creature walking from side to side on that branch. Also the creature that appears to be holding the branch. I suppose it's the Tamer?

I voted Hello World and You ate not alone

I love this character! Great animation as ever.

This tile set seems so complete, I can barely believe it's free! Sorry for donating, I would if I had money, but I don't have any currently, so thank you a lot for letting people download it for free!

These are nice! They seem very good for small funny games (and maybe for big ones too, but I think it fits well a simple small game). I love the style, it would be really nice if there was a top down version of this tile set. Also I like the colors, they are warm and bright and don't make too much contrast. Hope I can get some money and buy it some day (even if I don't have any plans for it, I'd like to have it ^v^).

I couldn't download it because it seems like my phone is too old to view the WeTransfer page... Could you share it through Google Drive or Dropbox?

It's sooo beautiful!

If you still want to talk to me you can use discord

Cool, thank you a LOT! Even if I don't make that animal simulator, I must find something to do with this sprite

Here it is.


I sent another one. Are you sure that's the right address? That's '.mail' and not '.gmail' right?

I sent you an email, but I'm not sure if it got there. I sent it two days ago, I think.

Seems COOL!

Nice font! I like the simple style.

I love that tall character on the center!! I suppose it's the Blood Statue (great name by the way!).

Congratulations, the art is great as ever!

I just found out that I actually CAN use Discord, by changing to the page's computer version. So if you want, send me a message.


SpongeBound104, KarinaBrothidle, emailed you both. I can't use Discord, sorry.

Also if you want to talk to someone about a game you're making or a game that you have published already and is updating, or even a game that you think is finished but you think there's still space for some more, just to get ideas or to develop an idea, you can email me. Or if you have a small idea that you don't think you will use, we could talk about it and I'd try to help you developing it, and in the end, if you still didn't want it, maybe you could let me to use it. It'd be a small symbiosis: I could help you developing your idea and if you didn't want it in the end I could use it. And talking to someone about an idea sometimes gives you more ideas.

If you let me help you you will be actually helping me too, because without experience I will never get a paid job.

If you are making a game and you need help with the story maybe I can help. If you need a logo for your game or something else maybe I can help too. If you need help with designing creatures or characters maybe I can help too.

The thing is, I can help you with drawing, writing, stories and more - but though I do have some experience with all those things I'm not an expert. I have to get more experience, so if you need help with any of these things, even if it's a small hobby game and you need some monsters, please tell me. I won't charge.

The things I will do better are probably logos, designing adds, making concept art and pixel art.

I'm Brazilian so I know Portuguese, that's all. If you want to translate a game from English to Portuguese or the inverse, you may ask me.

Now, I can write in olde style in Portuguese but I don't have much experience with ancient English literature so if you're looking for someone to write, like, in Lovecraft's or Poe's style in English you can try me but I'm not the best choice. But if you need an olde-style (or any other style) text in Portuguese I can help.

I would like to get paid but I'd better do it for free because of my lack of experience. So, yeah, it's free.

If you want to email me, address is

Thank you for answering! Though I had already searched on those sites (and I didn't find what I wanted) I appreciate your attention. I guess I'll just keep staring at Vexed's Micro Venture and wishing I could buy it.

I really hope you don't mind... these characters inspired me to make this thing. The animation isn't organized like yours. If you don't like it just say it and I will delete it. If you don't mind... may I continue doing art like that? Inspired by yours?

I would buy them if I could... probably all the series. You should make a effects pack with explosions, fire etc. That would be so cool. I love the toaster robot's explosion.

I love the animation's style, I wish I could download some kind of concept pack into my brain so I could make animations like that!

I thought of trying to make a kind of animal simulator and if I did this fox could be perfect. It's just a shame I can't buy it.

It seems completely awesome, the animation seems GREAT! I know it must have been a LOT of work and you certainly deserve money for that but since I can't buy it I have to say: shame it's not free.