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Hey! The game is most definitely being worked on! We are just a quite bunch lol Glad you liked it (:

Hi, glad it was useful!

Ah, you're right, since I was posting partial code snippets instead of the whole script on the steps, there were some details that I either mistyped or simply forgot to put on the screenshot.

Thanks for pointing it out! I'm gonna try to correct the screenshots so they follow the example project more closely.

Oof, sorry about that! Which ones specifically if you don't mind?

Yup, just gotta be reaaaaally thorough and do some backtracking (:

Yup! We just got funded on Indiegogo and have already started working on the rest of development! (:

I'm glad you liked it!! (:

Hm that's weird. Is your device 64-bit? If it is could you please try to download the game from the itch website rather than the app and see if that works?

Not the current build, sorry!


You weren't able to move with A and D? That sounds like a bug...We'll be checking it out.

Sorry about that.

¡A la orden!

Thank you so much! (:

Long live Tetra!

Hey! gonna try to look for it, but I'm not sure if I saved that one...

However, Godot's optimization and good enough hardware can definitely run the "slow" version at very high fps, this implementation is more impactful on lower-end hardware.

There's also a possibility that the engine itself made several optimizations under the hood, but I'm not 100% sure about that. Still, for simple bullet hell games a moving node2d may be enough, but when there are a lot of things happening at once on the scene, the lower memory footprint each element has the better~

Yo thanks for reporting that bug! And I'm glad you enjoyed the demo!!!

Hello! for this tutorial, the text is trimmed after 3 lines, didn't want to add more complexity to it but I'm sure that a simple scrolling logic can be added to the rich text label if you need to.


Yep, keyboard control and PS4/Xbox/Generic PC. All fully re-bindable!

Yeah, I think we failed to communicate that on the tutorial 😅

Thank you for enjoying the demo! (:

Would it be possible to specify how it crashed? Was it during combat or regular exploration? Did both crashes happen in the exact same situation? Do you remember in which location it happened? Thanks!

Heyy! A lot of this feedback is super actionable! Thank you so much for taking the time for writing it down!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Actually, you do heal automatically after each phase heh. But don't worry, we're already working on ways to optionally buff the player for those who are mostly interested in the story! Unfortunately, that will come in a couple of months when we launch a crowdfunding campaign. Don't feel bad if you want to wait until then to give it a full playthrough, just make sure you follow us to know when that happens (:

Yoo thanks a lot!!
Since this was just kind of a preview, most of the sidequests are still incomplete, so no, there's nothing to do with the feather and Emma indeed disappears from the face of the earth lol. If you try to leave towards the right side of town and Rocc doesn't interrupt you to ask if you are sure, that means you 100%'d the content in the demo!

Yo actually thanks a lot for the feedback! We know the game is tough and we like it that way, but feeling unfair is not our goal at all. We've actually spent the last week tweaking stuff here and there and we JUST pushed a small update that should make things a bit fairer while retaining the difficulty.

If you do give it another go tomorrow, be sure to re-download the game to get that new version. And just in case, a big tip I could give you is that only like two attacks actually require you to roll in order to dodge them, the rest you can dodge by simply moving in good angles. Good luck!

Que fue lo que sucedio? Se queda quieto sin pelear? Gracias!

Oh yeah, sorry about that ;-; Her quest is actually not complete in the demo, apologies for not making that clearer :v If you go towards the east exit and you don't get a prompt asking you if you want to stay, that means you've 100% what's available.

It really depends!

If you beat the boss in few attempts and don't do anything optional it could take like 30 minutes. Doing all of the optional stuff could add like 30~ish minutes more.

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(I tried posting this on YT but our account is cursed and comments just won't go through)

Thank you so much for playing and for your positive thoughts and hilarious commentary! It is a M E A T Y demo indeed, thoug there's a lot to do in town, everything is completely optional, be sure to speak with NPCs multiple times in part 2 if you want to 100% it! (this demo offers no rewards for doing that stuff but it will in the future). We'll make sure to improve clarity on the knock-down mechanic as well.

I hope we get recognized as the Dark Souls of button-mashing tbh lol

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Thank you so much for your kind words during the play-through! When the full game is eventually done it will DEFINITELY release on Steam, and as far as this demo goes, we have to figure some things out before that but it's on the list!

Woaaah! Thank you for putting up your play through on YouTube! If you got anything you want to share with us feel free to drop by on our Discord and letting us know your thoughts!

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Hey everyone! After a lot of work we've finally released our demo! It's a challenging action game with a big story, fun dialogue, and interlocking sidequests~

It's a sweet (and bitter lol) quick first look at the game, please do give it a shot and if you like it be sure to follow us around in whichever way you prefer and share with friends you think will enjoy it too!