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I enjoyed this game so much, I made a huge analysis video on it! Every bit of the game is covered and there's even comparisons to other games. 

If you're going to watch this video then PLAY THE GAME FIRST PLEASE!

Thank you Zeekerss for making this game. It's going to be one of my favorites for a very long time.

No rush at all. You can add me on discord and talk with me about it anytime you want!

You're fine! I'm still available :)

Feel free to add me anytime then! My discord is the same name and picture as on here

Of course! Always happy to help. How would you like to chat about it? Discord?

I have a huge passion for indie horror and I'd love to contribute my voice if anyone is in need of a voice actor! I expect nothing in return, I just want to lend a hand. I'd like to think that I'm decent at voices but feel free to listen for yourself if you want through any of my videos.

My specialty is delivering lines with energy and passion. No boring monotones here!

As always, you've NAILED the atmosphere. You're really a master of sound design in my opinion and this game is no exception. The setting and noises had me paranoid most of the time. I also really enjoy the FPS mechanics! Usually these games have little interactivity so it's really cool to have a legitimate game mechanic to play around with. It made that final sequence quite fun in my opinion!

(Spoiler if you haven't played) I don't like the very end. I understand that it's meant to be fun, but it's just goofy and doesn't fit the game at all. Really took me out of the experience. It's not a huge complaint, just a small nitpick.

I had a great time playing this and I'm looking forward to more, thanks for making it!

I enjoyed how unique this game was. I don't think I've played a horror game similar to this style before and that's really cool. I also appreciate that death isn't too punishing, however it doesn't really give a ton of incentive to NOT die, if that makes any sense. I wasn't a big fan of the collection mechanic itself, mostly because it was boring in my personal opinion. It's really well done though. The fact that you see the actual breed of moth on the wall and catching it removes it from the game and puts it in your collection is awesome. It's just that actually standing there and catching all the moths is tedious. Also I have no idea what use there would be for the sonar device. I didn't need it once.

I had fun playing though, thanks for making it!

I love the heave atmosphere in this game! Great for only being done in a single day in my opinion. The overall confusion is a great element of the game as well. Constantly wondering what's going on had me on edge. I had fun playing, thanks for making it!

This is such a great horror game! I love the intense atmosphere and you did an amazing job with the sounds as well. I do wish there was a bit more gameplay but that's really just a personal preference. I wish I could experience this game for the first time again! It's so tense, I love it. Incredible scares as well.

Thanks for making it!

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Perfect length for an indie horror game in my opinion. Doesn't overstay its welcome, but also doesn't feel to short. I really enjoy how well the scares were built up and I especially love the scares. Particularly the first one that was kind of a fake out scare. It reminded me of old slasher horror movies and I love it. Honestly the whole game kinda reminds me of slasher horror movies. It's a neat style to base a horror game around. The other fake out with the story was done really well too. How it gets you thinking that there's monsters or cryptids around, but turns out to just be more realistic horror with regular people.

Only issue I had was with performance, mostly on the title screen and in a few spots during gameplay. Possibly something wrong on my end? Hard to know but yeah that's gotta be my only complaint

I enjoyed the game, thanks for making it!

Gave the game a shot, it's the first in the video.

Thanks for making it!

Gave the game a shot, it's the third in the video.

Thanks for making it!

Gave the game a shot, it's the second in the video.

Thanks for making it!

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Around a year ago, I played this game and I loved it. It scared me so bad I unplugged my microphone accidentally and lost the rest of the audio for the recording! I wanted to wait until I forgot about the game to play it again because I really wanted to make a video about this game, it was that good. 

I finally got around to replaying it and thankfully I didn't lose audio this time but I did get just as scared, if not more, than last time. You probably don't need me to tell you this but this is an amazing horror game. I consider this to be 10/10 horror. I think other indie horror games should aspire to be as good as this one. The style, the atmosphere, the monsters, the scares, the story, etc. everything is done so well. 

You've made a masterpiece. 

Thank you for making it!

Wow the new Hogwarts Legacy game is a lot more horror themed than I thought it would be!

I see! Is it the knocking the flashlight mechanic that I missed? That's the only thing I see that's different at least. I tried again with that in mind but I don't really know what it's doing. Maybe keeping the flashlight from dying? It never died on me so probably lol. 

Yeah a lot of people ignore controls screens, I'm a prime example lol,  so if there's a mechanic that's not "the usual" then putting it where the player has to see it is a great idea!

There's a lot that I absolutely love about this game. There are things I'm not a big fan of as well though. 

You totally nailed the feeling and atmosphere. Really felt like I'd just started up Slender. 

My biggest complaint would probably be either the sound or the combination of mechanics. The mechanics are really cool but combining them together kinda makes for a bit of a nauseating experience, at least for me. I was so hoping for a big jumpscare type thing when he's close or he gets you but dying is a bit underwhelming too. 

I go way more in depth on my thoughts in the video if you're interested. I had fun, thanks for making it! 

That's awesome to hear, can't wait to see what you do next!

I really enjoyed this game! I go more in depth on thoughts in the video but overall, I want more games like this. It's subtle, has great atmosphere, and the buildup is done well too. The constant feeling of not knowing fully what's going on works in the games favor as well. If I had to give any criticism it'd absolutely be the ending. It felt goofy and didn't match the rest of the game at all. Like I said though, awesome game. Thanks for making it!

First off, I absolutely love the style and the premise of this game. Home invasion already freaks me out and up until the guy actually appears it's done REALLY well.. 

I see a few other people have a lot of the same criticisms that I do so I don't really want to harp on them too much. I go much more in depth on my thoughts in the video but I'll summarize a few things here.

I don't understand why there's a "VHS effect when there's obviously no camera. I'm not a big fan of those effects/filters anyway but that's more of a subjective thing.

The game looks amazing but it doesn't feel amazing to play. It's tough to describe but using the menu and opening doors feels very finicky.

I tried for a while to find some way to get an ending that wasn't just dying to the guy. That's fine and all but if the only way to get the game's ending is to die then having defensive items is a bit misleading. It just makes me think I have to find something. Maybe I do but that was just my experience.

Aside from all that smaller stuff I want to reiterate that I really like the game. These are just criticisms that come from a place of wanting to see the game improve. Good luck with making this into a full game! Looking forward to seeing more 

There are things that I like and things I don't like here. I go into a lot of detailed criticism throughout the video so I'll just summarize here. I know it's a demo so I tried to treat it as such. There's a lot of things I would like to see if this were to turn into a full game, one thing simply being more stuff to do. One of my criticism's word for word was 

"I don't think there's enough mechanics here to be fun, and there's not enough tension for it to be scary."

But overall I can really see the potential for what this game COULD be with plenty of time and care put into it. I even have a few suggestions on what I'd like to see as well! 

I hope this is obvious but please don't take any criticisms personally, it simply comes from a place of wanting to see the game turn out better! 

One random thing I'd like to see you and many other people do is make your Itchio thumbnail more enticing! The preview picture is very boring and doesn't make people want to check out your game. I know it's lame but sometimes you gotta show off that clickbait monster right from the get go lol. 

I am such a big fan of this game. The narrative is great, the environment, voice acting, and sounds are very immersive, and being able to actually combat sirenhead is cool and unique. 

I did play the older version of this game a while back and this is definitely a big improvement. If I had any issues with the game it'd be that I had a bit of trouble running the game, even at the lowest possible setting. That really hurt the experience for me simply because it's such a big immersion breaker. Not exactly an issue with the game itself though, just wish it ran better for me :(

In my opinion, this is THE quintessential Sirenhead game. 

Also, forgot to mention this during the game but whoever voiced the main character, Freddy, did an incredible job.

4 years?!?! I have no idea how I didn't notice that lol. I'll check out the new game, thanks!

I swear something about your games always seem to scare me so bad. I think you do an amazing job at nailing the creepy atmosphere and just generally building up to the big scares. This one got me good. I'll admit, the second chase sequence with the ghost boy was a little frustrating after having to redo it multiple times but my lack of skill could be what's to blame there lol. I did only get one ending but it's cool to see that there are multiple endings to the game. 

I truly cannot describe the panic I had when I first encountered the ghost girl on the second floor. Incredible job making a really scary experience. Thanks for making it!

As far as execution goes, this game is fantastic. Aesthetically, it's amazing as well! This idea is super cool and unique. 

Before playing I had all these ideas in my head about what this game was going to be like. I didn't expect it to kinda have a "narrative" in sense, as vague as it may be. I thought it'd be almost Observation Dute esque in the sense that we'd be exploring the world through a map app looking for subtle creepy things. 

Of course, just because it's not what I thought it'd be doesn't mean it's bad lol. Like I said at first, I love the aesthetics, gameplay, and the unique idea. I think you nailed it. 

Thanks for making it!

Hey! Just checked out your game and I gotta say, I'm a big fan of it. I love the idea, it's very unique. Picking your path with the letters and all that is really cool. The monster is legit creepy to me, plus the jumpscares were built up perfectly! Got me extremely good lol. 

Only issue I had was I got so scared by the first jumpscare that I wasn't able to fully read the "get a new fuse" text. Probably more of an issue with me to be honest but I had no idea the fuse would look the way it does, actually had to watch someone else play to get past that part lol.

Aside from those minor issues and the fairly bad performance, I had a great time! I think I'll be checking out your other game as well. Thanks for making it!

I love this! To me personally, this gameplay loop is incredibly unique and also quite fun. I said it in the video too but I would love to play a bigger game based around the mechanics in here. You know it's a good game when the player is asking for more when it's over. Thanks for making it!

Seems like I'm pretty late getting this video out lol. I recorded this wayyyy before a full version was available, apologies for that. 

Regardless, I had a good time! Learning the house and items and all that felt a lot like granny, and personally, I find that entertaining. The only issue I had was that I had no idea how to kill mr. Red. 

Thanks for making it! And good luck with the full version. Hope it goes well for you. I may end up checking that out as well!

Thank you very much <3

Played your game for a short indie horror games video. Thanks for making it! 6th in the video if you're interested

Played your game for a short indie horror games video. Thanks for making it! 5th in the video if you're interested
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Played your game for a short indie horror games video. Thanks for making it! 4th in the video if you're interested

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Played your game for a short indie horror games video. Thanks for making it! 2nd in the video if you're interested

Played your game for a short indie horror games video. Thanks for making it! 1st in the video if you're interested

Thank you for that scare, nearly killed me I swear!

Ohhhhhh! Okay I gotcha. That makes a lot of sense that it's an alpha. I try to go into the games as blind as possible and I guess I missed that part. I had a lot of issues that held up the video being made so I'm pretty sure I played the game before the beta was out, sorry about that!

That's really funny, wouldn't be the first time I had terrible RNG in an indie game lol. I still hold my ground and say this is the most atmosphericly creepy backrooms game I've ever played. You've made something cool and unique!