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Your game is the last in the video! At first, the movement really turned me off to the game. Once I got used to it, however, I started to enjoy it a lot! Home invasion is a legitimate fear and this plays into that really well. I was so sad when it ended because I wanted so much more! At the end you said you're looking for feedback? Honestly the only thing I can offer is, it would be nice is the movement was more fluent. Even knowing where to go takes forever. Aside from that, I loved it. Good luck on the full game!

Your game is the 4th in the video! I had a lot of issues with this game. Right off, the darkness is way too much. Even when following the signs on the walls with the camera, I still couldn't see the doors I was supposed to be opening. I ended up dying to a dumb mistake and stopped there but a friend has told me that it's worth it to keep going. I'll be checking out the rest sometime but really my full experience is only the beginning section lol. The game definitely looks like it has a lot of work put into it and I can appreciate that. Good luck with turning this demo into a full game!

Your game is the 3rd in the video! Man, was this good. Normally I'm not a fan of PT type games but honestly I didn't even realize it was looping until I was 3/4 of the way through it. Ambience and atmosphere is spooky and the scares are on point. Got me good lol. Hope to see the finished product someday! Good luck!

Your game is the first in the video! I really enjoyed this game! I love the twist ending as well. You did a great job with this game! Hope to see more someday!

Really enjoyed it! Didn't overstay its welcome, had great atmosphere and ambience, a bit of grammar issues but it's a free game so I can hardly complain there. It got me good, that's for sure! Thanks for making it!

This idea is really cool! Really reminded me of the Mystery Dungeon Pokemon games lol. Once I got the mechanics and strategies down it got way more fun. I had a bit of issues getting anywhere in the beginning because I didn't get a single drop. Once I did get a drop it made the game much easier so maybe it's a bit too reliant on drops? If you don't have ammo or can't 1-shot enemies then you have to take damage and again, if you have no drops you have no heals either. I understand this is a 7 day project though. It'd be really cool to see a full release with an idea like this!

Always excited to see what you're able to make! Your games always have a certain style about them that just screams "Max Horror." I mean that in a good way btw lol. You really understand the importance of ambience and you know how to make a strong atmosphere as well. I do see that this is a demo so I'm really hoping to see a full release of this one! Good luck!

Awesome ideas here! I love the puzzle elements you got going on plus the game is just overall interesting. If I had any complaints it's that the game is a bit too fast paced for me. I never had time to settle in and feel scared you know? However, I did have a great time. I'm dumb and managed to get the same ending many times in a row lol. Thanks for making it

A friend suggested I try this game and man am I glad I did. This is easily in my top 5 best indie horror games I've ever played. It was terrifying, it was intense, the story was great, the sounds were great, the scares were excellent, etc. etc. It doesn't look like this game got much attention and that is so lame. I'm going to be recommending this to friends for a while and I'm definitely going to be checking out your steam horror game that you advertised at the end. 

Thank you for the amazing game!


Aside from some technical issues, this game is great! Fun, scary, and a lot of originality as well, which is hard to come by in horror games these days. 

Been waiting for the full release since playing the demo a year ago and it didn't disappoint! 

The only criticisms I can give are about the aforementioned technical issues, the framerate dropping while turning too quickly was the worst by far. But fix that up and you've got an awesome horror experience here!

Very nostalgic in some ways for me personally because I've worked a lot of fast food in my life. It was a fun experience for sure! Can't wait to see the finished product! I did have an issue where I couldn't get the video at the end to start. When I extract the game, 1 file always corrupts and I'm not sure why. Also I couldn't hear lobby music so I think that may be linked to that file issue as well. Probably more of an issue on my end though honestly. Thanks for making it!

Had me laughing and got me good with some of the scares. Had a blast playing this!

It's been a bit since I played the game so I'm pretty sure I missed the updates. I'm not sure what changed but I can say that the version I played was certainly an odd experience. Similar to your other game, Aunts House actually. It just feels like a waiting game while things get progressively louder. I actually enjoy how odd it is, I just hate that it's hard to understand what to do. I still had a good time playing though, thanks for making it!

Really cool game! I kinda wish there was more to it though. It's immersive but tedious at the same time. Ignore the fact that I was dumb and didn't read how to pick up the trash lol.

I love the strangeness of this game. I talked a lot about it at the end but this style of making a confusing/unsettling game is great. It's like a different kind of horror and I think it works really well!

I really enjoy the style you've got going on here. I had fun getting into the story and exploring the home and all that. It does feel very fast paced for a horror game. I would've loved to have a bit more to do. Either way, it was still fun!

Took me a bit to figure out exactly what I was doing lol. It's fun for sure! I tried really hard to beat it but this game is tough! Still wondering why the light kills us. Makes me think we're the monster in some way. Maybe that's answered upon completion but sadly I wasn't skilled enough to pull it off.

Got one of the biggest jumpscares of my life lol. Thank you for that.

Never in my life would I have thought I'd get a Markiplier jumpscare. 10/10 would sus again.

A bit janky in some areas but it was fun! Thanks for making it!
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I love the core game that you've built. It takes a bit long to get through the tutorial but it's worth it. I enjoy the overall atmosphere and gameplay, it just feels like something is missing. The ghost itself isn't all to scary or threatening but the sound design is great! It's more enjoyable as a puzzle game than a scary game imo. 

One random issue I kept having was with the main inventory. You I couldn't dual wield any of the main items, candle, lighter, and music box. However it seems like you should really be able to walk around with the music box plus a light source. The candle is far greater than the lighter too so I never even bothered with it.  And it's way too dark to sacrifice a light source for the music box. Plus I never even needed the box  for anything.

I did get lost and confused for a big portion of the video but I eventually understood what was going on. There's just a lot to remember and it's easy to forget one or two key parts of the game through all that. Like how I forgot how to put down the items lol.

Overall fun game though!

I actually enjoyed this game a lot! Not sure if I'm just bad but the game was very tough when it came to avoiding the enemy. I think a bit of sprint or a couple more closets to hide in would help a ton. 

I can't read Russian so I can't comment on the story but it was fun figuring out what to do.

I have no idea why, but this game scared me good! Really cool ideas and great voice acting! I know it's just a concept game but I believe this could be a really awesome game if it moved away from the stock assets and all that.

There's some really cool ideas in this game! I like the story and general setup of the game but something about it really gives off more of a comedic vibe than a scary one. I still had fun playing though, thanks for making it!

This game is awesome! Even though I had a lot of trouble figuring it out myself I really enjoyed playing. The enemy design is great, especially the women, legitimately creepy. The way each enemy works differently really reminds me of Emily Wants to Play which is definitely not a bad thing. The baby chase sequence is also really cool. Really fun game, thanks for making it

I really enjoyed the first section of the game! It was fairly original and has a lot of potential. However I wasn't too big a fan of the second section. I personally don't like PT clones, I just feel it's been done and copied way too much. Personally I'd love to see you run with the first section and just totally cut out the PT part. Just my opinion though! I still had fun, Thanks for making it!

I really enjoyed this game. It legitimately creeped me out and had me far more scared than I usually get when playing these types of games. Although I felt the game lacked ambience in places, it still managed to have a very oppressive atmosphere. The way the SCP moves is very unnerving. I wasn't too freaked out until I saw it walk, you really did the movements justice. Exactly how I imagine a mannequin-like thing to move. 

I did turn down the graphics settings just because I'm used to having to do that for most games by default. But even with them down on the second lowest setting the game still looked amazing! I'm sure you already saw my video but I love the water filled room in particular. 

You've done an awesome job making a truly scary short horror game in my opinion. Thanks for making it!

I really enjoy the gameplay mechanics here. Controlling the sub and keeping up with the coordinates is very active and you don't get that a lot from other horror games. I'm not sure if it was just my playthrough in particular, but other than a couple tapes and the barrels, I didn't really come across much actually happening. I guess I'm just saying that it felt very empty to me. I still enjoyed it though. Thanks for making it!

I REALLY enjoyed this one. I got stuck for a while but that actually gave me a chance to get really immersed in the game. The sound design here is amazing. The knocking behind the bookcase was a great touch plus a whole bunch of others that legitimately creeped me out. I can't even tell that you "slapped an ending on" because it finishes about the way I'd expect. There was a spot in the bathroom where I could literally walk through the wall but other than that it was a smooth experience. I had a great time playing, thanks for making it!

This was great! The atmosphere is legitimately terrifying and that just made the scares all the more powerful.  You really nailed that and also the sound. The sounds creeped me out the entire time. While there was the "obvious" jumpscare that was done well, I really appreciate the more subtle scares you added. (spoilers) the hand around the door frame and seeing the person looking at you through the window didn't just scare me, it gave me legit fear. 

Amazing job, I can't wait to see what you can turn this demo into!

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First game in the video. This was a blast! I love the comedy in this game, legitimately made me laugh multiple times. Got me with a couple scares too lol. Thanks for making it! Merry Christmas!!!

Finally got around to playing this, thanks for reaching out to me by the way! 

I did summarize a lot at the end of the video but I'll add some in here as well. I was going in thinking it would be something kinda similar to the F.E.A.R games so I expected a lot more horror elements, although I did get jumpscared more than once lol. The general feel of the game and the guns does feel REALLY good. If I had to give any criticism on the guns it's that some of the stronger weapons feel too similar to the weaker ones. For example the deagle felt the same as the L9 pistol. Obviously the deagle is more powerful but it didn't feel like it was. Also some ambience would help a ton. I had to add in music because it felt lonely without it. 

By the way, I have no idea why, but I wasn't able to play the latest 1.8 version. It wouldn't let me past the "press any button to start" screen so I'm playing 1.6. 

For what's here, it's pretty fun. I definitely had a good time. Keep it up! Can't wait to see what this becomes! Thanks for making it!

Appreciate you asking me to try out the game, sorry it took so long to get this video out. I'm pretty sure it wasn't intentional but I had a pretty game breaking bug happen to me twice. I can't lie, it kinda ruined the experience for me. It may have been fixed already but I got jumpscared and flung my mouse around really fast and something about that inverted my controls. The first time it was just forward and backwards but the second time my mouse was inverted.

Ignoring that big issue, I really did start to get into the game after the crown section. The beginning was a bit slow for me but it definitely picked up when it needed to. I wish I could've experienced more of the game but I ended it soon after the controls reversed but apparently there's 5 endings??? That's pretty awesome.

All together, ignoring the inverting bug, this is a pretty cool game. Really reminded me of older games like dungeon nightmares and similar titles. Thanks again for reaching out and thanks for making it!

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Your game is the last in the video! For 9 days this isn't too bad! I couldn't help but find the game very comedic. The horror just didn't hit with me personally. Maybe that was the intention, maybe not. If so then great job! Either way I had a really fun time playing. I appreciate anyone who goes out and makes a game for others to play. Thanks for making it!

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Your game is the 5th in the video! I'm not sure why, but this one just didn't hit right with me. I left the experience more frustrated than scared. The combination of the extremely loud chase sound combined with the pitch black section kinda soured my mood. I'm definitely not saying it's bad, it's just not for me. There's some really creative stuff going on here for sure. I still appreciate the effort you've put in to make a game, for FREE even! Thanks for making it!

Your game is the 4th in the video! At first I was kinda iffy on this game but I see now it was made in only 2 days! I personally think this is really good for such a short amount of time. I had fun playing, thanks for making it!

Your game was the 3rd in the video! Oh man, I really wish there was more to this! It's an awesome concept and I could really see more happening personally but I still enjoyed it for what it is. Awesome twist too! Thanks for making it!

This game definitely has it's own style to it. I really wish there was more to it but it's still totally fine as is. I'm not sure if I even had to do anything honestly. Could you not just close the door and curtains and just wait? I didn't test it obviously lol. It was fun for what it is though, thanks for making it!

Your game is the first in the video! I gotta say, the ambience with the crickets was very distracting. If we're in the house then we really shouldn't be hearing that at all. Also it's called Alone at "Midnight" but it's 2am while we're playing? I still had fun playing though, thanks for making it!