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Anyone need a voice actor?

A topic by WoodyRun created Aug 23, 2023 Views: 285 Replies: 11
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I have a huge passion for indie horror and I'd love to contribute my voice if anyone is in need of a voice actor! I expect nothing in return, I just want to lend a hand. I'd like to think that I'm decent at voices but feel free to listen for yourself if you want through any of my videos.

My specialty is delivering lines with energy and passion. No boring monotones here!

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I do not need to. I just download some sounds and stuff in the collab level by mindcap so i coulkd credit his jumpscares.

edit: alright, I am giving you an ultimatunum. leavemy disliukes of my posts OR GET DUNKED ON EVERYTIMEE YOU  BRING ME INTO THIS MULPAN DRAMA.

Hello WoodyRun! We would love a voice actor and will put you in the credits! Please respond if interested.

Of course! Always happy to help. How would you like to chat about it? Discord?


Feel free to add me anytime then! My discord is the same name and picture as on here


Sorry for the late reply can you still do it or are you doing it for someone else?

You're fine! I'm still available :)

Okay, cool! Just trying to organise the team rn and we haven't spoken in weeks

No rush at all. You can add me on discord and talk with me about it anytime you want!


Great, will probably do that soon!