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Here is the Discord! Feel free to join up =)

Hey dude! I'm so sorry the puch didn't detect properly, are you sure you were turning your fist 90° when doing it? (Currently most issues players have been having are due to my tutorials not being very clear!)

I'm glad you liked the controllers work! A lot of hours were invested in this hahaha, stay tuned because I'm also working in a co-op mode so you can exercise with your friends/family at home! =) 

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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and the fact that I made a fitness game doesn't prevent you from creating your own, I would love to watch your ideas come to life.
My game isn't the first of it's kind either, it's a poor man's version of Ringfit.

For now all I have is a SubReddit! But a Discord is a great idea! I'll create on right away! :)

Thank you! Your feedback is invaluable!

Hey! :) Quick update! I've spent the whole day today fixing the controller so it works on any Android device! Here's a video of the new build