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I'm so sorry about that! I wish it worked in all kinds of devices, my plan is to figure out a way to make it work through web in the same way Jackbox does, but that will take a ton of research and coding! =(

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Sure can, but I must warn you that if it says your phone isn't compatible in Google Play, the app really might not work. Here's the link just in case!

I can't believe something of this level of quality came out of a jam! Absolutely baffling!

Here's an updated Discord invite link in case you want to join our community:

Also, if you could let me know how you've heard about the game it would be great!


It might also just be a matter of it not working in older versions of MacOS.
Sincerely, there are so many variables and things that can go wrong when using networking controllers that I don't even know where to get started.

This info you just gave me is golden, I'll figure out a way to describe this in the Itch and Steam pages.

Thank again for this, hope you and your daughter have fun working out! =))

That makes sense! I only have my wife's MacBook Air to test in so I really have no idea in which versions it works and doesn't! Could you let me know what were the specifications of each of the computers where you tested?

Thanks a lot for trying on another computer! That really means a lot!


This is a recurring issue with MacOS. It works in some computers, but not in others. The most guaranteed way to make it work is emulating Windows inside your Mac.

Thank you for bringing that up. I might take down the Mac version for now if it's so unstable.

The best way to know if the connection is working is the "No controllers connected" screen in the main menu.

Sorry for the inconvenience :( 

Hey! I'm sorry for responding after such a long time! I think I figured out what might be happening, sometimes your Data plan IP gets mixed with the WiFi's IP.

The fix is:

  1. Turn on your phone's airplane mode
  2. Turn on your WiFi during the airplane mode
  3. Restart the app, if it is still running!

Super cool! Congratulations again : )

Curti muito o jogo! O gráfico é super fofinho e a música fica na cabeça! =)

Awesome Game, dude! I have terrible rhythm and still had a blast playing =) Visuals also look super nice. Did you animate or use a shader for the city in the background?

Hahah, I love the protagonist design

Love the atmosphere of this game, managing the size of your light was also a great mechanic.
Super fun experience =) 

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That's a good question. It did work once with a friend of mine, so I would say yes.
But there's always a chance it might not work out!

I was looking for a Bushido Blade spiritual successor for such a long time and your game scratches that itch just perfectly!! Congratulations! =) 

Oh man! Thanks for pointing that out!

I had to take the Linux version of the game temporally down because it was so unstable. Thanks for testing!

Sorry!!! :( I've been away these last few days! MacOS has been quite unstable, I'll try to fix it in later versions. Update your iOS version if you can, I'm not sure if there's some kind of macOS network setting that should be adjusted to allow connecting the phone to your computer :(

Do you know anyone that has an Android and a PC? The game works much better on these platforms.

Alright, what about your phone's iOS version?


Hey! =) Thanks for the heads up, the Mac version is definitely less stable than the android one, which version of iOS are you using?

This game is super cool, love the main character.

It worked in a few cases!
They're here:

I'm so sorry about this! This is actually a Google Play Store requirement.

However, I've created a external .apk that you can try installing on your phone. Let me know if you'd like to try that! 

The accuracy is really an issue, it only improves with testing around with different people. Each person runs/squats/punches in completely different ways, so far having tested with about a dozen users already improved controls by a lot!

I'm so glad you enjoy it! This weekend I'm realeasing  4 new stages, and next week a co-op mode with be implemented! =)

The ambience gives me some serious Megaman Legends vibes! I love it! =)

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Hey :) I think you're the one that I talked to on /r/Brasil (judging from the nickname and phone model!). So, I delved into it and it seems some phones need gyro recalibration:

this is a Galaxy phone specific tutorial, but you can also try third party apps that do that. Apparently phone gyros have to be readjusted from time to time õ_ō Living and learning.

Let me know if that works!

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Oh no! :( Could you give me your phone's model? I've heard similar feedback to yours, will look into it asap!

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Here is the Discord! Feel free to join up =)

Hey dude! I'm so sorry the puch didn't detect properly, are you sure you were turning your fist 90° when doing it? (Currently most issues players have been having are due to my tutorials not being very clear!)

I'm glad you liked the controllers work! A lot of hours were invested in this hahaha, stay tuned because I'm also working in a co-op mode so you can exercise with your friends/family at home! =) 

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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and the fact that I made a fitness game doesn't prevent you from creating your own, I would love to watch your ideas come to life.
My game isn't the first of it's kind either, it's a poor man's version of Ringfit.

For now all I have is a SubReddit! But a Discord is a great idea! I'll create on right away! :)

Thank you! Your feedback is invaluable!

Hey! :) Quick update! I've spent the whole day today fixing the controller so it works on any Android device! Here's a video of the new build