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I understand your posts and your point. I just don’t agree. 

It sounds like you have your own opinion on what you like. A lot of developers commenting on this thread would like an option for something that is not to your tastes. 

I think the most important part of this is adding ways to support a developer. We aren’t machines and while sticking to a content schedule is nice, the way you’ve laid out hard numbers is just not how it works when you’re a creative.

Sometimes people want to support a creator while they’re working on a long-term project regardless of the final result. If the supporter is unhappy with the release cadence they can always unsubscribe and resub later if they want to. 

I love this idea. I’d hope itch remains independent and doesn’t get bought or go public. But with the other platforms out there constantly getting in creators’ way, I would trust this one the most. 

hey Reddyy! Thanks for playing! It’s far from finished and also not meant to be played on mobile. I’ll be uploading a new build in the next week or so with more content and polish so hopefully you enjoy that!

I've only completed 2 of the main paths so far and 3 of the shorter endings. I've run the Sylvia and Gavin routes. I have to say, apart from being a beautifully written and illustrated game, it's meant a lot to have such fantastic plural representation (Sylvia route). I've been talking to one of my partners who's also playing it and I feel like she's getting a better understanding of my experience through playing. It was really fun getting to the part where the protagonist doesn't know who she is and comes up with a new name to represent all of herself, "Maggie". I've had more than one occasion where I'm dissociating and I've said the words, "I'm not sure who I am right now" and being able to point to that and have my partner get all of the context leading up to it and better understand that experience--- marvelous. Thank you so much.

Thanks VexLight! I'm still working on it. It's very special to me and I can't wait for it to be finished.

I'm really glad you liked it! I wasn't the writer on the project but I know as a team we all discussed ways we're neurodivergent and how lycanthropy can be used to explore that. I can definitely say a lot of it resonates with me as someone who suffers from ptsd, dissociation and is plural.


Hey Andy! Yes, stuff changes with the time of day. I'm so glad you got so much enjoyment out of it!

Also to reset your position there's a reset button and but I need to update it so it moves you back to the starting position. But if you go to C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/LocalLow/WolfyBytes/ChronomancyExperiment/ and delete "savedata.soul" that will reset you. 

Your journey is part of the Chronomancy Experiment canon and I really love it. Can you send me a video of where exactly you're trapped?

Hey Gui Santos! Currently it only has one graphics option which may be too heavy for your computer. But we're putting together a version 1.1 for physical releases that is going to have some improvements and additional features, like graphics options.

oh no! Lol there's a reset button and I'm gonna update it so it moves you back to the starting position. But if you go to C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/LocalLow(I think)/WolfyBytes/ChronomancyExperiment/ there's a player data file you can delete that will reset you. 

Keep the light close! 

Thank you so much for playing! Glad that you like the atmosphere. Yotzeret Sheydim's music does an incredible job of conveying the mood of the place.

10/10 fantastic comment lol

I look forward to your feedback!

I have some things I want to patch and I'm going to add some graphics options when I get the chance! Thanks for giving it a look. And if you're up around midnight maybe give it another peek ;)

well, he is pretty sexy 🤷‍♀️

You're really kind! Thank you so much! We need more ratings so we would absolutely appreciate it. Thank you so much for taking the time to play it and thank you so much for your kind words!

I'm going to go back and make sure I'm calculating the scores correctly. The goal is to finish the level with the maximum green spaces possible and with all your bugs alive. Sorry you didn't like it but thanks for playing!

Very well put together! The way you reuse bits of text by nature of it being interactive fiction really does a good job of playing into some of the circular thinking that can happen when you're depressed. Also the art did a nice job grounding transitions to different areas in the story.

Great stuff!

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Thank you so much for playing! Val's really freaking good at what she does. And yeah, wish we had time to make a tutorial.

Sorry to hear that. Is the launcher appearing at least?

Sorry to hear that. Is the launcher appearing at least?

Sorry to hear that. Is the launcher appearing at least?

Sorry to hear that. Is the launcher appearing at least?

You may have gotten a tough roll on the world generation. You can press Escape, click Next Message on your phone and generate a new world.