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it's a really cool game. and it also has a different plot/story! can you believe it?! XP it's funny, sad, sexy, fun, engaging, and romatic sometimes as well. it's really pretty interesting, and fun. if you like rpg elements with sex, and an original plot/story, then i'd try it. :)

the game says there is a new update, but when i click it, it only brings me to a page where i can BUY it! i doubt i have to BUY the game for EVERY update! XD so, where/how do i update teh game?

don't worry, i'm a GAMER, so i don't touch mac's! XD i got help from the creator, but thanks anyways! :)

i think it depend son your pc and stuff, and i don't remember exactly where mine was. but the beginning was C:user/eier/appdata and then some more. and "eier" means owner in norwegian, so it probably wont say eier, if you have another language on your pc.

and i ruined everything. sorry! >.<

ok. because i was playing it and uploading it to youtube (which i assumed was ok, a si don't monetize of off it, and it's free publicity. :) ) but i messed up, so it didn't show, and i want my viewers to see and experience everything I see! :) and is it or or just .com?

how do i play story mode twice? i played it and completed it once, and now, when i try, it just starts like the endless mode, with building a robot, or start where i left off. i tried restarting (of course) but i ALSO tried to DELETE the folder, and unpack it, AGAIN, and THEN try to play the game, but it STILL didn't reset! which is really weird, and that was a NEW folder/file, as i deleted the first one. do i have to get a new game folder (the one you unpack to get the folder with the game in) and if so, do i ahve to pay AGAIN? REALLY confused, as i don't understand how it can remember (so to speak) what i did in the game, when i delete the game file i used, and unpack a NEW one. >.<???????

i paid the blacksmith a big sum of money, to make a sword that could slay a dragon, but i never got it. i have now finished the game, and my city/kingdom isn't expanding anymore, so i assume, i have reache dthe end of taht as well. why didn't i get the sword? is it a bug? is it not added? was he buffing/tricking me?