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hey sorry about that. Try this one

Hey! Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for playing! Grenades are OP I admit, but I kind of want it that way. For now at least. They modeled after the fireball spell. 

A personal item is something personal to the marine. 

No rules from Four Against Titans -I mean, unless you want to.

No updates planned for the moment as I’ve been working on Songs of the Northlanders. 

Thanks again!

No updates planned at the moment. I’ve been working on Songs of the Northlanders.


unfortunately, Apocrypha’s torches were snuffed out by 1000 goblins. It is not available for purchase. 

If you’re looking for something more adjacent to the OSR k might suggest Songs of the Northlanders -though it doesn’t comply in whole with “OSR standards”

Thanks for the heads up!

I've found a bit more errata. Seems like there are some remnants of past versions still dangling about in character creation. On page 10 of Intro_v3 under Languages: Remove Supernal from Clerics. Remove Words of Unspeaking from Dwarves. Remove Elder Tongue from Elves. 

All others remain unchanged. 

(2 edits)

I've found some errata for the chapters included currently. I would like to clear up any confusion here. 

Introduction_r3 pg 16 lists variable weapon damage, but all humanoid-sized weapons should deal 1d6 damage. 

Venturing Forth pg 1 states you gain a point of XP for delivering the recap. It should instead state you may clear a point of Exertion. If you have no exertion, you may clear the Frightened or Exhausted condition. 

Exploration pg 4 states that under Dim Light you suffer a -2 to ranged 'to hit' rolls. It instead should state that ranged attacks in Dim Light are 'Tough Shots'.

Combat pg 11 states that Morningstars  have an increased chance of damaging chainmail. Morningstars have been removed from the game. 

Combat pg 11 under Damaged Armor should state it suffers a -2 to defense and loses all damage reduction.

Have y'all discovered any other discrepancies? Lets talk about them here. like to include Songs of the Northlanders please. 

Please place errata here. 

Brilliant! When Winter Came To Skedemosse is such a vibrant, living, detailed scenario/setting. I love that its open world, allows players/characters to drive the action and really seems to be part of a much larger living world. I want more of the setting now please!

sorry friend, no update yet. I guess I should sit down and make a character sheet when I find some time. Thanks for the interest. 

Thanks so much! Let me know how your missions go!

Thanks so much! 

MANY influences on this one. So many I need to add it to the description!

Thanks so much!

thanks so much!

hey! Yes instead of “of” it should read “or”. Good catch! 

Not yet unfortunately. It is on the slate for a future update, just no ETA at the moment as I’m deep in another project. Thanks!

thanks so much! 

Hey! I would very much appreciate an extension. I myself have been crunching away too, and still have layout to do! 

Thanks (: 


The Deep Dark is a minimalist role playing game designed with modern theory principles to invoke an old school, or OSR feel during play.

The Deep Dark is a role-playing game played around a table among a group of friends. Anywhere from 2 to 6 will do, though usually 4 - 5 is the best. During the game most players take control of a character and describe how their characters descend down into the depths of dungeons to fight monsters, overcome traps, and loot great treasures by using the rules provided in this book. 

One player takes on a special role: that of the Game Master. They set the pacing of the game, and act as an arbitrator of these rules. 

This book covers the rules of play for The Deep Dark.

The Deep Dark is my love letter to games PBtA and OSR. At its core, its about adventurers and dungeon delving, over coming obstacles, and working together as a team. It features heavy role-play and narrative propelled action, to interact with the world deep in the earth. 

The Deep Dark features 'fiction first' design with heavy emphasis on player narration. I call this, 'Describe to Survive'. With this, player's narration factors heavily on their character's success in the deep. 

Roll 1d6 + Modifiers

Its simple. Roll 1d6 and add modifiers from your character's Attribute, Lineage, Tools, and Alignment. Its up to you as the player to position your character in the fiction in order to be able to accrue these modifiers. 

If the result of this test is 6 or higher, you succeed. 

The game encourages you to dig deep into it. The more you play, the more you discover through time, the better you become at positioning your Lineage, or the Tools on your back to grant you the modifiers you need. 

But this isn't as easy as it seems as you'll have to fight against the very darkness that crawls forth from the deep crevices and ancient places of the earth.