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Here's a hint: after beating all levels a hint appears somewhere. No matter what you do, you'll see it on every run, although you might not realize it's there. 

Yeah, I literally wrote the first comment because I was confused about why everyone uses it in this game's comment section

Wait a second, I think it's possible to make it so that certain formatting (for example heading 1) creates spoiler text. I've seen that in emuurom comments, I think.

It's ROT13, a cipher

The red bug bug is strange, I've never heard of it before. Also, the Z/C and X/V controls are the controls for the PICO-8 virtual console or whatever it was called (baisically a game engine), so as far as I know they can't be changed.

Great game! I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but you can dash while diving, jump while dashing on the ground and dive while dashing in the air. After dashing while diving, you still can't move horizontally until your dash ends, and a similar thing happens when you dive while dashing, but you start falling during the dash. The most interesting part is what happens when you jump while dashing on the ground. Usually, it results in a longer jump where you get stopped after the dash ends (kind of like the super in Celeste, if you know that game), but when you jump during coyote time, you start moving upwards at a 45 degree angle until the dash ends (baisically a diagonal dash). In both cases the distance is practically the same as when dashing, but the coyote time diagonal dash thing can be used in the blue section to access a room with an 8 made out of red blocks.

Ok, that makes sense

Jul vf rirelbar urer hfvat EBG13? V zvtug or fghcvq, ohg V whfg qba'g trg vg.

go back to lauren and enter her house. You have the wallclimb, so you can use it to backtrack

I also have this bug, baisically going to the highway terminal plays the animation of the train going away, but doesn't trigger the screen transition (or it just takes forever to load, not sure). You can still get out of the train though.

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Well, I couldn't replicate it, but I just activated the first phase of the boss, left the boss room, went back and the boss was still active (I could start the next "attack"), but the barrier was gone and I could just finish the demo. I'm not sure, but it could be related to quitting and reloading a bunch of times on the same save before the bossfight. I also visited the out of bounds section.

Anyway, I found another way to practically skip most of the boss. After starting to scan the big bird during the first phase, it will normally push you off the platform, but if you start scanning again while being pushed, you'll just clip through the bird. If you already knew about that and decided not to remove it, I think you should make the timing more precise or make the strat harder in some other way, because I actually found this on my first playthrough and it feels way too easy.

Edit: I actually switched from Past Simple to Present Simple in the middle of a sentence and then went back to Past Simple, it should be fixed now.

Edit 2: Wow, that's a ton of text in a single comment.

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How do you number the rooms? While reading the comment section, I saw stuff like room 2.5 or 5.7 and I have no idea what that means. Also, how do you do the double jump thing?

Edit: I also just realized that you can start the boss, exit the room and come back and you will be able to finish the game even before you start the second phase lol

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I've beaten all of the bosses, but I didn't see the hint. Where's the hint?

Edit: I just realized how to get the ending, nice game btw

I've just beaten the game with 0 lives left. Just think about it in the context of the Youtube video.

I think the logic is supposed to go like this:

1. You have to mimic the lizard's path to turn into it.

2. The lizard is 2 tiles wide.

3. The lizard is in sync with the butterfly.

4. Maybe if you stay next to the butterfly while mimicking the path of the lizard, you and the butterfly will combine into the lizard?

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Really fun game, but unfortunately really short. Also, are you supposed to use the brickblock code somewhere? I finished the game without guessing and without the brickblock video, but it's the only personalized video that isn't a part of a puzzle.

Edit: I just realized that the first video is personalized too, but it appears before any "strange" videos, so nobody would be thinking about them as a part of a puzzle, and I was thinking about the brickblock video as a puzzle for a while.

In other conversations, like the one before you save the cat, waatu was used too, so it couldn't be "color".

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I wrote "cat" instead of "kitty" and after I got all of the other words, I couldn't go back to the only conversation with "tairu", so I got 92% in 20 minutes. Other than that, great game!

Also, it would be interesting if the words were randomly shuffled every run, so any word could mean anything.

That part where you type really got me. Also, imagine making this in MS Forms or something (I feel like this might actually be possible, seeing how you can make programs in a lot of other MS 365 apps, like Excel). That would make it a lot scarier.

I'm using chrome. Fortunately, it's still possible to "beat" the game without rmb, I obviously got the split upgrade last.

Great game, but for some reason my rmb wasn't working.


How do you look at the stream? My screen is not wide enough to see all of the controls.

Great game, but when you have 1 life, you die when the hammer starts falling, while normally you still have a little time to escape.

Well, this game was made in, like, 48 hours, so I'm not suprised that the puzzles didn't require lateral thinking.

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If you want to replicate the bug, jump through the middle platform, then fall through it, then jump through the right platform and fall through it etc. until you enter the whole code. Then just jump up through some random platforms and you'll get to the top. This bug actually really confused me when I tried to guess the code using the "wrong platform" sound. I once entered a part of what I thought was the code, then thought I made a mistake and fell to the bottom, and then I didn't understand why the code "changed" and why it went back to normal (I went through the wrong platform).

Also, I think I came up with an idea on how to fix this. I'm guessing you have an if statement checking if you're going through a platform and your vertical speed is positive. You could turn that into an if-else statement, with the "else" part removing the last entry in the array of the platforms you've chosen, decreasing the number of platforms entered correctly(just make sure that doesn't go below zero) by one or "undoing" going through a platform in some other way (I don't know what you're using for entering the code).

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I think I found a small bug in the game. After fueling the fire, but before talking to it, you can still walk around freely. if you go through a door at that time, the music and the other final sequence stuff will be reset. After that you can still talk to the fire and get the a ending, but durin the whole ending sequence the background and music will be the same as before and the red filter thing won't be there, but the flames will still be falling.

Also, great game! I got endings A,B and C so far, but I'm trying to find the other ones.

Edit: I also noticed that if you fall through the platforms in the infinite thing, the entered sequence doesn't reset, so for example you can enter the "code" using just the lowest platforms, and then jump up to the top. It could be confusing if someone made a mistake in the code and then fell down to enter it again.

Edit 2: I got the D and E endings too, with both being... interesting, but in very different ways.

What are the ideas?

Yeah, I have the downloaded version of the game and whenever I try to go to the Highway Terminal, the train leaves, but for some reason the screen doesn't fade to black and load the environment. I have to press shift or esc to get out of the train, but I'm still where I was. I think it has something to do with either SceneManager.LoadScene(index) not being called or the index being messed up. Maybe the dev removed a scene and forgot to change the Highway Terminal index, which could have been the last scene, so the index is out of bounds? But, knowing Unity, in that case the game would probably crash.

In my opinion, this is a huge improvement. The combat feels like you're a lot more powerful. The only thing I don't like is that you made recycling dashes gives you less speed, I really enjoyed going fast in open areas.

I noticed that the moving platforms are kind of buggy - when they're moving up, the character shakes, and when they're moving down and you're walking on them, you start falling right above the platform. I think i might have found a fix for that. You could parent the player to the moving platform they're on and remove the parent when the player gets off the platform. The code in the player script could look something like this:

private void OnCollisionEnter2D(Collider2D other){

    if (whateverConditionYouAreUsingForJumping && other.gameObject.tag=="whatever the tag is for the moving platforms"){ //if you can jump, you're on a platform (you can add an additional condition to account for double jumping)




private void OnCollisionExit2D(Collider2D other){

    if (other.gameObject.tag=="whatever the tag is for the moving platforms"){




The capitalization in OnCollisionEnter/Exit and Collider2D might be wrong (I haven'tused Unity in a long time). The script should be inside the Player script. I'm assuming you're using Unity, because I saw it right after running the game.

ok, thanks

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic Parrying

In the controls on the page I saw a "parry" button. Do you have it from the beginning and if you do, how does it work?

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I'm stuck at level 9. The only thing you can do is mimic the butterfly, but then what?

Edit: I just did that. I have no idea how that works, but I did that. Also, this game is great.

Edit 2: I just finished the game and I've never seen something like this before. The core concept is simple, but the different ideas like combining animals, changing paths and splitting a lizard in half make the game not get boring. I just wish it was longer.

I just tried it and it looks like I tried it before but forgot, the number of endings didn't change.

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I have 30 out of 31 endings and I edited my post so there's a list of the endings I remember. You have to click "view rest" because I added some empty lines so I won't spoil the game. I just can't find that one ending.

I saw the hint page and I got the three main endings, but i can't find all of the ways to die.

the player placement isn't random. In fps mode, the player is the cursor, and in pong, it's the ball. In other genres, the player is the player. Pay attention to where you are and you'll be fine.

I didn't get all endings, but I think all endings are bad, seeing the theme of "you start a business-business fails, you don't start a business-your life is sad"

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The ending you called "death by gmo" is actually a "death by weed killer" ending.