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Ah! That is really weird. Have you tried deleting the game and downloading it again? And also, if you could send a picture of how the game looks for you we would appreciate it a lot. <3

Yay! Happy you liked it! <3

Wow! Thanks! Means a lot to us that you enjoyed the experience! <3

Aww! We are happy that you enjoy the game! <3

Have you spoken to Madam White and Mr. Red? If you have asked all the questions (the boxes with texts under the characters) you should press the computer. There you will find statements taken from your conversations with the characters. Your job is to analyze the statements and find contradictions. Finding a contradiction will give you more possible questions for the characters.

Hope this helps! :)

Hey Harukauranus.

Do you have a program that can extract .rar files? That should be the only thing you need to install the game.

Well done!

Wow thanks! Yeah, our intern struggled a bit on finding contradictions at first. It takes a while before it gets more natural. <3

We agree! Thanks!

Glad you liked it! Yeah, we have noticed that "Bulletproof" can be a bit confusing. We are discussing how to move forward with that part. Thanks :).

Wow! That is such a nice compliment! <3

Interesting. It's a really nice way of interacting with characters in game. :)

Loved the lets play! Fantastic coverage!

Thanks a bunch man! Yeah we're doing major work on the computer section of the game. Stay tuned!

When you extract the .rar you should get a .exe file that starts the game. 

If you want to change how you open a file then you can change it by following this link:

Hope this was of any help. :)

I am sorry, but the game uses software that doesn't work with browsers. :/

We are aware of this problem and will fix it in the next update. The pink statement without any text is not necessary to progress in the game. There are other contradictions that move the game forward.

We are aware of this problem and will fix it in the next update. The pink statement without any text is not necessary to progress in the game. There are other contradictions that move the game forward.

Hey Conkergoo! 

Wow! Really cool that you streamed yourself playing the game! I think I saw your name on Discord! Feel free to give us any of your feedback there!

Much love,

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Otherwise you can download the version right away from our gamejolt page: gamejolt(dot)com/games/whenyouregone/286212

We're uploading the latest version today (in just a few hours) when the game says (v_0_2_5) everything should be up and running.

Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks for the reply, our art is the core and soul of the game. We are working on keeping all the levels colorfull and diffrent. Hopefully the art won't put some off the game, as it is stands out quite a bit.

When You're Gone is about Sam and his breakup with Emma, it's about how
they meet, fall in love and lose each other. We will dive into Sams mind
to fight different manifestations of his emotions and to push and shove
our way deeper into his past.

The game has a turn-based combat system on a grid, in the spirit of
games like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, Sam and friends will need to
move and attack to progress downwards deeper into the levels. Some
characters will have special abilities and normal attacks can even push
foes off the edge down the next level and if they survive the attack
you'll have to face them again!

Winteractive is a small indie studio based in Sweden working on our first game and with this first release of the game we really would love any kind of feedback, any comments about the art or gameplay overall would greatly help!

Game -

Twitter - @WinteractiveSE

Cool man!

thank you~

Romance, loss and love in turn-based combat.

Try When You're gone today!

Much Love!