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Hi chaucer, it isn't anchoring correctly. It only anchors correctly for left-top and center.

1) The x variable overwrites. So y never gets set.

2) And you also have x = x.y where it should probably be x = x.x.

This plugin is wonderful.

Can you check line 787 please? I don't think it's anchoring correctly.

This one was well made. The graphics are quite nice and I felt Agatha Christie vibes as I hunted for clues, interviewed the witnesses, and solved puzzles all the while trying to unravel the mystery.

The graphics are quite nice and I felt Agatha Christie vibes as I hunted for clues, interviewed the witnesses, and solved puzzles all the while trying to unravel the mystery

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thanks for fixing the bugs!

I believe I did the ornaments and the wraps, then when I tried to do the top of the tree, it told me I was too stressed. So I did a rest.

And when I tried to put the top on the tree again, the option was no longer there, it would say I was done decorating the tree.

OMG, this game is SO pretty to look at. The busts are beautiful and the mapping is very well done. The story is also quite charming and cutscenes when you reminisce add a bit of depth to the characters.

The gameplay is creative but at the time of this writing is riddled with some bugs:

  • Nativity Scene: I couldn't figure out where to put the camel and the sheep.
  • Christmas tree: Some options would disappear and not let me finish decorating it.
  • The HUD would disappear after doing certain activities.
  • Skipping scene would make the character move slower afterwards

Overall, a very enjoyable, pretty, charming and creative game and I like how easy and short it was. Just needs a bit of polishing as far as gameplay goes.

This game was cute and I liked it. This game offers a couple of classic, fun puzzles without them being frustrating. The whole gameplay flowed well, and I read all the dialogue with pleasure. It made me happy.

Quick and easy and decently fun. Well done!

The 3D graphs were cool and the visuals overall were well made.

The gameplay was actually pretty decent even if it was very frustrating and based a lot on luck where the presents and fires spawned. Reminded me a bit of Frogger. I cleared 2 warehouses, but could not enter the third one because I couldn't face the character the correct way for the double jump. 

There was also no easy way to quit the game which I think the creator may want to add.

I would highly recommend adding a difficulty setting which controls how quickly the fires spawn.

WOW the graphics were amazing and I absolutely loved being an elf bringing Christmas joy to town.

There isn't much gameplay here, just your good old fetch/delivery quest. The game overall just feels so full of joy and Christmas spirit. And did I mention how pretty it is to look at!? From maps to busts to menus. Amazing eye candy! And the tractor with a red nose made me really smile.

Great job putting this all together. I finished all the delivery quests, but couldn't quite figure out how to complete the game.

The custom art was really gorgeous and was my favorite part of the game.

The dialogue certainly felt quirky to fit the characters. I wish the gameplay would have been a bit more user-friendly, like letting me see the items I have in the inventory.

Ending was a bit sudden, and left me wishing for more Christmas joy.

Nicely-looking game.

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The graphics were amazing and the gameplay was super creative and fun. I felt that there were probably too villagers to talk to, and to be honest, I wasn't as invested in their stories, because there was too much dialogue thrown at me.

Gameplay was what really stood out to me, and it was really well implemented, great job with making it run so smoothly. It does get a little tedious after a while.  It would also be helpful to mention the trash can to throw un-needed items. I am glad I accidentally discovered the trashcan.

The ending felt a bit lackluster for me, and I wanted to see more Christmas spirit from this one. 

A well-put together game overall. Nice job!

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I loved this game so much. The graphics were beautiful, the Christmas spirit was in the air.

Omg, the gameplay was so much fun AND so clever too, especially with the way it was made in RPG Maker engine. Amazing! I liked how it got busier and busier each shift. I am glad I did not see a timer as it no doubt would have added to my stress trying to make all the customers happy.

The only down side is the gameplay would get a bit buggy or slow down here and there. Overall, what a great job. Bravo!

Notes: I couldn't get past the tutorial because it bugged. At one point, the middle customer stopped just short of walking up to the counter, and I couldn't serve them, which prevented the shift from ending. Sometimes the balloon bubble would disappear as well, but thankfully re-appeared if I clicked the customer again.

One improvement I can see is also adding an empty cup when you pick it up, prior to filling it with a drink. And did the pancake plates do anything? I never ended up using those.

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Oh the opening map was gorgeous and this game started out so strong, and then kind of just went in the wrong direction. The font looked awful on my computer, and made it hard to read, which is a pity because it discouraged me from reading some of the dialogue. I would highly suggest changing it.

The puzzles were very well thought out... however game-play wise they caused a lot of grrrr and frustration, especially the teleporting one.

I powered through the puzzles, finishing the game. The game left me wanting more out of it because there was a good deal of potential with this one, which sadly went the wrong way.

This game is very melancholy. The music was fitting for the story. It made me feel a bit sad, a bit happy, a bit curious.

Overall, I felt that this game was trying to be too creative and it just lacked something to fully land with the player.

In terms of gameplay, there isn't much there. Mostly just reading.

P.S. Is there a way to make it full screen?

I am sorry... I appreciate the effort stepping into game development, but this game made me cry.

It was painfully slow and I was craving for it to end.

The hilarious narration was SUCH a great touch to the whole experience and made me laugh many times. I very much enjoyed this game jam. It's re-playable too, so of course I did that to see the different endings.

The developer mastery was fully on display here with all the fun mini games. I like how the game doesn't take itself seriously and that tends to do wonders for the gameplay.

The endings were a little lackluster as I was hoping for a bigger bang given how good the whole game was.

I LOVED the humor in this one SO MUCH. I was grinning and giggling almost the entire time I played this game. AND it's re-playable too with different options to explore. My overall experience was very enjoyable with this one.

Note: The face graphic for Reid shows him wearing clothes even when he is not.

I played the censored version. This game has a LOT of gorgeous art. Wow, I can't believe how much custom art was in this game. I laughed when the main guy character put on his beautiful armor.

Now, in theory this was a very creative idea to have a game without dialogue and combat be completely different from what we are used to in RPG games.

In practice however, what ended up happening was I had a hard time understanding/following the story. And my poor mouse and clicking finger took a beating.

There's also a ?bug? I ran into where if your HP goes negative, the game keeps going (which I appreciate, b/c some fights are difficult).

While I appreciate how different this game is and what it was going for, this game isn't for me. As a Christmas game jam game, the beginning sets a WTF mood instead of a happy Christmas spirit mood.

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I was smiling the entire time I was playing this game. The writing is really really good here. The retro art style is very cute. And OH MY! Talk about reaching those HAPPY ENDINGS.

There isn't much in terms of gameplay... gather items, fight off some creatures. Overall, a very enjoyable experience... that makes me want to visit a Finnish sauna.

Haha, this surely is the best (and only) Finnish sauna simulator I've ever played too.

What a gem of a game. Who knew I'd have SO MUCH FUN trying to find things in one big scene. 15 elves were definitely the hardest to find. And I loved it.

This game is super creative and really well executed. Just good happy feels all around.

I liked the music choices in this game. The story I thought had a nice little surprise at the end.

It's pretty straight forward and easy Christmas jam game to follow. Gameplay-wise, it offers an array of skills, but I mostly spammed Counter + Solid Counter and the bosses never really ended up hitting me.

Note: There is a bug when talking to Emily from the bottom. The game freezes.

It's a cute game that screams Christmas is in the air. The graphics are nice and I like the story too. I wish I could find out how it ends.

The gameplay is all about grinding for some items, and it would be just fine if you could at least get a sense of how many items you have grinded so far. But since there is no way of knowing (at the time of writing this), after about 23 minutes I called it done.

I think if the developer gives you a way to view the amount of these "key items", the gameplay would be more fun.

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This game has SO MUCH potential. It left me sooo frustrated and I'll get to why.

First, the graphics were nice. While they won't blow anyone's mind, the maps were well put together. 

Second, the story... the story was fascinating. It was hitting right in the feels until the trope cop-out. Argh! Why? I wish the main story would have continued and closed in a more clever heartwarming way.

Finally the gameplay... while the mini games are REALLY WELL done, the  player experience is where this game suffers in my opinion. Players cannot skip the mini-games, and some are quite tricky to get through, especially the QTE for the falling rocks. The one hit and it's game over left a bad taste in my mouth. I wish I could just re-try right away instead of having to load the game and re-start the level. If you were to add a simple skip mini-game option so the player can get back to the interesting story, this would add wonders to the player experience.

A well made jam game, which left so much more to be desired.

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The battle system was really nice. It's like real-time battles without any transition screen! Lovely work. The sprites were also great. However, the overall maps could use a bit more love. 

It took me a while to figure out that I can walk under the bridges (the top floor). Lol. When that clicked, I finally was able to finish the game.

I appreciate the humor attempt. Mini boss and the creatine made me laugh a little bit. But the humor overall fell a bit flat for me.

I enjoyed this quick little jam game. A solid job with this one, Slaughty!

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This was quite creative for an RPG Maker game. The sprite animations are absolutely wonderful and the graphics overall are really well done. 

The biggest problem with this game for me was player inconvenience. The game is pretty challenging and it's very retro, as in you have 3 "continues" to complete the game. When they run out, that's it... it's game over. And you have to start all the way back at level 1.

The gameplay mechanics were wonderfully implemented. The gameplay does tend to get repetitive pretty fast. I wish I could have gotten through all the levels to see the ending. Hopefully someone with better reflexes than me can get there.

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Made originally for a Christmas game jam, this game turned out to be more fun that I expected. Gameplay is fun and the rock-paper-scissors mechanics are well implemented.

This game is re-playable. It offers many different characters and lots of items to grind for. The game is pretty to look at as well.

A very well put-together package! Well done!

This game is pretty short and delivers a quite creative gameplay, showing off some good developer skills with collision detection. The reindeer made me giggle and the ending made me laugh.

Certainly a charming little game. Great job!

It's cute. The drawings made me happy and there is something charming about shopping for Christmas presents for your friends.

Not much in terms of gameplay, just short and sweet with clever character banter.

Not sure how I feel about this game. On one hand I really don't like grinding... but on the other hand it's a bit addictive to try and upgrade everything and get to your goal of pretty much auto-farming the materials and money super quickly.

It doesn't exactly scream Christmas spirit, however, it is a creative take on an RPG Maker game, and it's well-contained in a few maps.

Well done, LunaSpiral!

What a cute game. A gloomy guy and a cheerful girl cross paths and make a date out of it. I enjoyed playing this one and the mini games were a nice addition to the gameplay. OH yes, and the music / sound is superb!

The little lore that is sprinkled in is funny (especially for some of the members for the RMW community who get it), and the pizza recipe book made me laugh out loud.

Great job with this one Tridium!

P.S. There is a non-breaking bug for when you find the "key". The same event keeps replaying if you activate it again. You can also see other events even after you've found the key.

This game made me laugh out loud and is fun to play. The meow sound effect is brilliant, no really. This game is packed with some adorableness. 

The menus are very nice to look at and the UI is easy to understand and navigate.  The hover-over HP/mana/status icons was a nice touch as well.  

The game itself is not too difficult, which I like. And it even has multiple endings! (but don't worry, you can retry if you get a bad ending). 

Great job Apho!

I had a lot of fun playing this game. The art and the graphics are colorful, happy, and very pleasing to look at. The opening song is so soothing and beautiful. The rest of the music is lighthearted and sets the mood for the game.

Yes, there is a lot of reading, most of it is engaging and absolutely hilarious. The situations that these characters consistently found themselves in had me laughing on the floor.

The mini games are hard. They offer a nice change of pace from all the reading. Thankfully, they are also skippable whenever you feel ready to get back into the juicy story.

I highly recommend this cult classic if you are looking for something light, funny, and a bit risqué.

I finished the demo. And I was mesmerized by the setting.

There is a lot to like:

  • The maps are beautiful, and the main city is breathtaking.
  • The mystery is just the right mix of what the F is going without being overly creepy (yet?) and kept me going wanting to unravel this crazy thing.
  • Some of the side quests are well done, especially Dorothea's; I felt very invested in needing to know how it ends (unfortunately the demo ended before I got the conclusion).

The battle system felt like a standard RPG Maker battle system, and I found the battles to be more on the harder side.  (Meanwhile other gamers felt the battles were easy).

I hope the writing will be more engaging in the future releases and characters become more likeable. Currently, there is a whole lot to read.

All in all, the game feels of commercial quality with cool graphics, custom art, and a whole lot of WTF is going on with this mystery. 

Hi there, before buying it, I tried the demo script, and got an error.  Any chance you'd be able to take a look?  I have Olivia Victory Sequence UI which works fine, it is positioned above this addon script.